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Dreaming Big: My Possible 2018 Vision

“I believe if I have a Vision, I create opportunities that ensures my Possibilities”

2017 was an awesome year for me. I spent the year with eagerness to try new things, meeting new people and exploring beautiful opportunities. The year started off great with opportunities for me to improve my skills and laying foundation for some of the things I plan of achieving in 2018. On a digital front, I kick started the year with a Technovation Mentor Training. Afterwards, Worldpulse offered me an opportunity to have facilitated the Women and the Web Alliance Technology workshops in Nigeria and later got trained as ‘Intel Master Trainer’. Again, Andela offered me a scholarship for its’ Android Learning Community (ALC) program supported by Google.

Despite the fact that the year began awesomely, it then ended up so hectic with various hurdles and challenges including busy schedules, extensive projects and financial demands. Having started the year with a humble beginning and lots of doubts and fears, my diligence, perseverance and patience, amidst all kinds of emotions (laughter, tears, Joys, disappointments ETC), however, helped me get to record impressive achievements both for me and my organization:

I feel so good about 2018 and excited about the possibilities and new endeavors that it holds for me and my organization. I am deliberate and practical about the things I want to do in 2018 (i.e “I am dreaming BIG”). I perceive 2018 has in store for me, a new sense of confidence and hope that fills my heart and inspire my action to determine to chase my passion with an unstoppable willpower that will wow my audience and woo them for more individual and corporate engagements. My self-assurance is obviously from my undying passion, constant commitment and personal sacrifice all of which had earned Girls Education Mission International a Permanent Partnership with Globalgiving. This meant that GEM has the potential to benefit from corporate relationships, connect with donors, and access online fundraising tools. (What a great achievement recorded on day one of the New Year!).

How exciting! 2018 holds many hopes for me as well as the girls and women I hope to reach out to. I have beautiful digital empowerment projects I’ve been working that will be ready I hope in a couple of weeks to launch and share. But for now, I will share just a bit;

I hope to integrate digital literacy into the Girls Education Mission International’s programs to enable women access hardware, software, internet connectivity and ongoing support.Increasing the economic opportunities for women and girls in ICT -enabled skill training, employment, online work or improved businesses through the use of internet. This I plan to implement through:

• Set up a digital empowerment centeravailable to communitiesspecifically targeting young women and girls between ages 12-25.

• Implementing and scaling the Intel® Learn Easy Steps training (She Will Connect) program into the GEM empowerment programavailable for access to women and girls, both in the training and in becoming trainers of others.

• Developing an innovative approach to delivering digital literacy skills by integrating a global social network of women as Worldpulse into the Digital empowerment training process.

• Implementing an android app education in conjunction with Andela and Technovation to enable more girls to participate and gain skills in compelling and engaging ways.

Happy New Year!

Keturah Shammah

Executive Director

Girls Education Mission International

Economic Power
Girl Power
Gender-based Violence
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