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Dear Great women leaders,

Economic power is highly essential for women in the society. Society consists of various families. Understand the growth of a girl child to a grand mother. During the growing age, there are several pressures affecting the education and career growth of women. The pressure includes unpaid services, which she has to deliver to the families. To her brothers, father, father in law, mother in law, husband and children. Some which we cannot measure is not clear to the world. All work imparted should be measurable in terms of time and money. Currently most of the women in the world is working hard to pursue life and engage themselves happily. In the old age those who worked hard are left with no money. They are still in the mercy of their children/grand children. This is due to lack of space provided to girls and women for uplifting them in the current competitive world. All women should give due respect and value for the work they are doing and contributions to the family. Contributions which are not valued in terms of money must be avoided by women themselves. This approach will reduce the concept of gender bias and inequality. 


1. All women should be educated to exercises their intelligence effectively

2. All women should understand that each engagement they do should be value added and measurable in terms of time and money

3. All women should be able to save by the age 50 to remain calm and cool in their old age. Savings should be in their bank account and they should be able to operate it themselves. This will give lot of comfort and respect for them.

4. Overdependency on husband and children must be avoided. The family platform must be a place for them to grow and nurture their talents. 

5. A corpus fund shall be developed for the growth of girl child, adolescents, young women and married women. 

6. More women entrepreneurs should come out to economically engage themselves and fruitfully engage other women. 


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