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Emotional Rain

The emotional turmoil of being selected to represent the voices of millions of women and making their presence visible to the world leaders and the media is over, and now we need to begin the real work.

My sisters in the Pulsewire will agree with me that we need to get together and start building a vision to be presented in behalf of all of us. I know that I speak for all the three representatives and the six finalists, when I say that we need to open our ears big and make room in our hearts to be able to do two things:

1.- We need to reach out in our own countries and continents, so that we hear the voices of more women. For this, we will need the help of each one of you, to be able to grasp the ideas and feelings of women in other countries of the continents that we represent. How to do this, needs a brainstorming from all of you, as to begin this new phase. All ideas are welcome.

2.- We need to gather the suggestions and thoughts from all women in the Pulsewire community. We have a pretty good idea of the issues that women are touching right now in our place, but we need to start exploring more and conveying more into an angle that each of the three Voices of the Future can touch, that will be meaningful to the whole community. For this we need the help of the six finalists, as well as everyone interested on helping.

We know that it is hard to give time and effort to this, I feel like it will be something like an emotional rain from where we need to begin painting a beautiful picture that will be taken into the tour next year. But I assure you, it is all worth it.

Please take into account that Voices of the Future will have a second version this year. It is our experience that will mold the results of next year’s beehive. Let us come together and begin the brainstorming about these issues.

Remember that for every window you help us open in each of your countries and workplaces, we may be able to open new doors for more women around the world. Come with us. Share your vision. Help us help.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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