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Empowering with passion – together

The pandemic has affected us all, striking hard at some of the most vulnerable communities, some of the most vulnerable individuals. Now is the time to build back better, is the message from world leaders. I agree, though I fear that the same world leaders too soon will forget the vulnerable groups, again.

This would be a great mistake. We hold such potential in the groups undervalued by our society. We see in this community, strong women from around the world, from different backgrounds, from different lived experiences. We see how much we all have a lot to offer.

I am a woman with a disability. And I see how society treat women with disabilities as a group with nothing to contribute, if you are even considered for a job, it is usually an unskilled, low-income job. And when society sees you as worthless, denies you opportunities, you often become extra vulnerable and dependent on others.

Why do we keep undermining our society this way? How can we achieve our potential as a society if we discard up to half of our population as less-than or less-able? If we see for example the disability as a sign of weakness – and not the tremendous power of wanting to survive or the skills developed as you overcome barrier after barrier. How can we achieve our potential as individuals if our surroundings don’t believe in us and especially if we also doubt ourselves?

We need to empower each other, not tear down. We need to see the potential and nurture it with passion. Insist on believing, supporting, nurturing. And we must do it together.

We all have those dark days, full of doubt, loneliness, where we stop believing. If we are to build back better, we must build a community where we know, that there is someone who believes in us, someone who has been in the same darkness and yet has been able to move on, someone who is ready to stand with us.

I believe in empowering with passion – individuals and through them society. And I believe that we only can do it together. This is the way to build back better after the pandemic.  

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