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Enhancing Learning: Benefits & Drawbacks of Phones in the Classroom

In the same way computers were implemented in schools a few decades ago, it may be time to allow cell phone use there too. Students will need to understand how to use these devices for the sake of their future. It's a learning opportunity in which they can be taught how to communicate through text messages or social media in a respectful way.

Teachers can help their students understand the value of proper etiquette online. They'll be right there to keep an eye on any online bullying or other destructive behavior that could be taking place. However, there are some obvious factors that make the idea of cell phone use in the classroom seem like a bad idea.

It Enhances Learning

Technology is one of the greatest gifts of living in this age. Smartphones can especially enhance our lives. Even though we love our phones for the games, music, and social options, they're a wonderful tool that gives us the knowledge of a lifetime at our fingertips.

Not so long ago, when students needed to study, they would head over to the library and work on the assignment until they got the information they needed. They had to study from book after book, but thanks to search engines, online dictionaries, and educational websites, a simple keyword will bring your children to the information they need. By using phones in the classroom, you can help your students learn how to study in a way that'll be practical to their generation.

It Keeps Open Communication

With class sizes getting bigger and the school's budgets getting smaller, communicating with your child's teacher can feel like an event. With the teacher using his cell phone, he can communicate with all the parents about upcoming events and assignments.

With group messaging, he can quickly send a text everyday to the parents to let them know about the assigned homework. He can even use social media sites to quickly share classroom information that you and your child can review when needed. If you ever have a question for the teacher but don't want to interrupt him with a phone call, simply shoot him a text message.

It's Convenient

There's a reason the majority of the world has flocked to cell phones. They make life easier, plain and simple. Whether you're looking for a phone to simply communicate with your child, send quick messages to him through text, or just give him a leg up in his studying, finding the best phone plans for your needs won't be hard.

You can customize your child's phone in a similar way as you would with a home computer. You can set up child locks or block certain websites from your child's use. You can also block certain numbers or make theirs list as \"private\" for your child's protection (or to keep them from texting all their friends in class!). You can even set up group messages between you, your child, and his or her teacher so the three of you can have open communication about any activities or issues that may be taking place in class.

It's a Distraction

Getting children to behave and focus on their assignments can be hard enough without adding one more thing into the balance. Phones can be distracting and they can also be used for malicious purposes. These devices can be distracting for adults, so naturally the temptation is going to be harder to deal with for a child. Though, some make a point that if a child is raised around a device, they would know how to handle it responsibly. This could potentially even produce a generation that's more focused.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons cell phones are a good idea in the classroom and why they may be more trouble than they're worth. Ultimately, like any tool, the best way to learn to use something responsibly is to practice. Who knows? It may not be long before you're getting texts from your child and their teachers.

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