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Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women

“He’s a guy with decent job.” “He has the perfect credentials for the job.” What are both mankind and womankind get used to express as a royal quality of masculine. “Career”, “Professionalism” and “Decent Works” are one of the unique criteria of greatest attributes in manhood. “MEN”! Are they the only creatures who are competent and accomplished any and all classes of business? What’s about their counterpart, WOMEN?

Both women and men work very hard on the world planet. Men’s work, however, is always perceived as more notable and more priceless than women’s work. Throughout the history, the work that women do is often not seen work. The role of women play in all aspects of society remains undermined. “Why the terminology “Women with decent work” is uncommon even in this 21st century?” cannot even be exaggerated in some conservative societies.

This 2011 is timely favored to make a wake-up call. We have the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on March 8. It’s time to reflect the historic struggles and achievements, and for heading to the unheard voices and untapped sources of wealth for our future girls and women.

Why are we affected by gender from the moment we are born? We, Women, hold up half the sky. We are half the world’s population, yet we do two-thirds of the world’s work, earn one-tenth of the world’s wages, and own less than one per cent of the world’s wealth. At the same time, we are among the poorest of the poorest. Would you say that SHE doesn’t work so hard?

If women work so hard, why do they get very little income? Generally, women often do three different kinds of work: family work, paid work and community work. Obviously, much of women’s work is unpaid. Even when women hold paying jobs, their salaries are often lower than men’s. This happens in developed, industrialized countries, too. What are the reasons behind this injustice?

In Burma where I was born and have grown up, traditional culture highly supports gender stereotypes misbelieving education is less crucial for girls than for boys, and especially in the times of hardship. Subsequently, women get less education than men, so we are seldom offered highly-skilled and well-paid jobs. Even when we have the same competencies as our male rivals, women are still paid less because men are regarded to be the breadwinners. As a result of having unequal educational opportunity, fewer women participate in workers unions or other associations that promote worker rights. As long as we can’t acquire equal access to education, we’ll be endlessly barred to REAL change.

Another reason why women are far left behind men is tasks that girls are nurtured to do well such as cooking and sewing commonly rewards less than labors that boys are trained like building and working with technical machines. Despite witnessing that women are able to perform jobs that were traditionally only dominated by men, the notion is that women are still weaker. See that some women are physically stronger than some men whereas some male individuals are more caring than their feminine counterparts. I dare to proclaim differences in capabilities are more significant in individualism than sexism. Today individual men and women can be trained to improve similar activities. Separate from the traditional views to reach at the clear understanding and just provide us an equal access to training.

When we are demanding the pathways to decent work for women, considering where we are sounds reasonable. We have made great improvements to some extent in this innovative era. We do have from female scientists to spacewomen. Meanwhile, the coverage made by women in science and technology world is apparently dimmer than men’s contribution. I experienced five years varsity student life specializing IT. In our alumni circle, “Geeks” only relates to man. What a mystery for women equal access to science and technology is?

Make progress highlighting UN’s this year IWD theme “Equal access to education, training, science and technology: Pathway to decent work”. Affirm “HE is not the only one who wants and deserves a decent work”. Be kind enough to her to walk on the same pathway with those with just different sex.

Dear my fellow,

Congratulations to each of you for your great job.

It's my pleasure to receive any kinds of comments and suggestions from you. With your kind support, I believe I can create a better final post.

Thanks in advance.

With Love,
Insha Allah

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