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I’m afraid to step out but I’m more afraid to stay the same. I have to keep going because I hear my Father calling my name He’s calling me higher and closer to him. So its a must I go and step out on a limb. Weary and afraid I’ll hesitantly follow you, after all I really don’t have a choice that’s all I know how to do. You’ve been faithful and have kept me in your safety net but why do I always seem to worry and fret?  I’m worried about what others may think I’m afraid that if I completely go for it, I’ll sink. I’ll sink in failure surrounded by doubt and my insecurities oh lord why did you have to choose me?  I’ll walk away and just hang my purpose on the shelf, I often question  “why couldn’t you have chosen someone else?”. you subtlety draw me back with your unconditional love. It is your love and grace that makes me refrain from pulling the plug. Pulling the plug on reaching my God given destiny, occasionally it just seems so heavy. Ok I hear you I really do This time I’m not going to doubt but choose to trust you. I’m going to allow you to fully take control and  then I’ll watch the new me begin to unfold. Wow, I see the progression Im grateful for every trial and lesson. Im unstoppable since now I believe with God, I can do the impossible. Its amazing I feel so relieved, I feel like there is no longer a struggle for me to breathe. You removed every hurdle that was in my way now in your will i gotta stay. I have to see this thing through every promise you have spoken i know it will come to... it will surely come to past and all I’ll be able to do is give you glory and bask....Bask and delight in what you have done for me even when I didn’t want it you said this is who you are destined to be. You are called and chosen for such a time as this God already knows our future but it is us who don’t want to miss it! Blessings and love ❤️

Girl Power
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Northern America
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