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Initiative Update

Feedback about the Amazing Impact of my Online and Offline Digital Action Campaign

To amplify our campaign in our community

Today as I looked back to monitor and analyze how far the work has gone, I was amazed by the positive change on my social media statistics. I did this as a follow up activity to measurethe impact I have created so far in making my vision for change a realityonline and offline.

“Bring a Girl to STEM” campaign has an ultimate goal to accelerate the bridging of the gender tech divide in Cameroon by inspiring and motivating girls to join STEM programs. I aim to see 70% girls attending STEM programs and winning awards and 70 % girls at school doing STEM education. We are using two hashtags to raise awareness about this campaign #STEM4Girls and #Mentors4Change.

From the start of my campaign to this moment I have noticed a steady increase and a registered a huge expansion in my social media audience especially on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

My number of face book followers for my personal page has doubled and friend request have increased. The number of likes on CYEED’s face book page and on my personal page has increased as well and every day it rises continually.

The number of shares and comments has increased and my in box is full with questions from people who really want to know more about my drive and passion.

I am happy to observe that thousands of people around the world are following the work I do. It has increased my passion and motivation to cause a social change in my community.

Two other organizations in Cameroon working with women and girls have contacted me for collaboration on their project.

Recently I was contacted for a press interview, during which I had to talk about myself and my work. I am still waiting for the final production which I am going to share here.

I will like to share 2 examples of a Facebook post that has produced great results. The first is the post about my digital action campaign on the World Pulse Facebook page posted on June 1, which has more than 850views of my video and 22shares

Special thanks to the World Pulse team for increasing my visibility and highlighting my campaign with a message massage clearly describes my project.

The second post is the one on my personal Facebook page about my Digital Action campaign on local radio station with some of the trainees at CYEED. I made this post on the May 30 and it has 130likes and 11 shares.

Taking the girls to the radio station was a great boost and evidence to our local community about the impact we are creating. Having other children listen to their peers talking about what they are learning was a great way to stimulate them to join us. Since then I receive at list 5 parents every day at my office.

Thanks to everyone who joined me in this mission to eradicate the stereotypes about STEM education created by our culture in order to give women equal access to opportunities.

Is imperative to ensure equal access to education and the eradication of digital illiteracy among women and girls .Together let us improve access to vocational training in STEM fields. Presently we have more that 40 girls at the CYEED's ICT training center. At moment we are in pressing need for equipment and material. The computer lab is already tight and small. To solve this issue, I have divided the classesinto 2 session. I want to ensure that one child is to one computer in our computer lab in comfortable and friendly learning environment.

Please take a look right now and add your contribution.Follow this link and get involved By sharing this post you will help in spreading this good news about my STEM programs.

Coming up next will be a video that I have produced and I look forth to have an international/global reach with the video.

Stay tuned for updates! Cheers!

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