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Female Journalist Arrested for alerting Government

“Shame on you photographers who took the pictures of our mother naked” these were the words of our republican president as he was addressing journalist during a press conference last month.
I tend to wonder why some politicians can not admit when they are wrong. Why do they always want to pretend as if they are right and everyone else wrong?

Kabwela a female news editor was arrested and charged with circulating absence material with the intention to corrupt the morals of society. She works for a private media organization known as post news, a private media company.
During the strikes that nurses had in Zambia, the situation was devastating in all the public hospitals and clinics, as no or few staffs which included student nurses were operating. It is this time that a woman was captured giving birth in public outside the largest hospital in the capital of zambia. The photo was taken by the woman's sister who later took it to the post organization. Last month press briefing saw the republican president angry as he commented on the matter and announced that the law should take its matter. As a news editor and concerned woman citizen Kabwela circulated the photos to the vice president, secretary to the cabinet, women for change non governmental organization and archbishop, in order to alert the authorities what was actually happening and if the photo can be published in the paper. The vice president did not respond, whereas women for change and other did not or responded negatively. The pictures were said to have been circulated over the internet by Kabwela. The poor female journalist was arrested and released on bond and later appeared in the court of law. Fortunately she was found not guilty of the charge labeled against her. I feel for our democracy because, many concerned citizens who want to inform government on what is actually happening on the ground are seen to be threats to the nation and are arrested. Can we say we have freedom of expression!
Instead of the picture to be seen as an eye opener on what strikes can do to the society, the government took it as pornography. Instead of taking up the challenge and addressing the situation, they decided to hide the fact and speak of law. What is law when people are in need!

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