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Initiative Update

FemAsia Magazine - An Alternative Voice

Making a platform for the marginalised and ethnic minorities to raise their voice, FemAsia Magazine has succeeded in touching lives and creating awareness.

This is a platform for a multiplicity of voices to be heard. We believe in multiple stories rather than one dominant story.

FemAsia is an independent Not-for-profit Media, and We publish four issues every year.

FemAsia Magazine is not for Women alone. I personally believe that any issue affecting the women will affect the entire society. Likewise, an issue affecting the society will affect women too.

Through FemAsia, women from all walks of life from homemakers to academic personnel, activists to policymakers will be impacted.

We hope this venture will continue to bring women writers, activists and academics into one space, building a stronger community to impact the world.

As we all know, mass media plays a unique and significant role in shaping the opinion of society. Change is only possible through a change of beliefs and change of perspectives. We are here to Change the narratives.

The Editorial Team of FemAsia, which consists of diverse individuals who are specialists in their respective fields, always ensures freedom of expression and creativity.

We, at FemAsia, are really excited and committed to bringing more intense and thought-provoking content. Nobody can narrate your own story better than you! And we at FemAsia, can’t wait to hear your story.

FemAsia Magazine

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