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Financial help, a myth or tragedy?

Does charity involve only helping homeless kids, old aged homes, uncured diseases and things which we have no control to stop?

What if we have the option to stop before it happens? What is the reason of homeless kids, old aged homes, diseases? The reasons may be numerous but what are the conditions / implications of those people who are going though it? It’s not easy to imagine and far more difficult to feel their pain, deep pain.

How about a pain of a child who used to be blessed with lots of gifts on Christmas and then one day his parents died and no one to give him a gift on his birthday? How about reaching out to this kid? How about that kid who sees every other child being cuddled by their parents, except him all his life? How about the pain of that child whose parents turned bankrupt and heartless and whereby the child is exposed to domestic violence. Not all child are blessed with harmonious environment and surrounding to feel secure and free. Many many children are suffering in silence. How about reaching out to them?

They don’t need your Ferrari, your palace or your Gucci sunglasses. All they want are heartfelt feelings of love, heartfelt expression of love and heartfelt understanding and presence. Again, does the money that comes from these charities cater for this? Does the old aged people also need the money? Honestly, these people crave for genuine love and affections, harmony and peace? Can really bringing money from charities provide these? Charity is such huge fashion nowadays in all our countries, especially amongst celebrities and huge corporations for their corporate social responsibilities to be exempted from tax. Such a massive part of business it has become!

People are making great charities nowadays, mostly on kids and old aged homes. Beautiful slogans have been designed since I was a child actually. The key to advancement is through our children. The success of our nation lies on the education of our children. Then what happens when these children grow up and become adults and are thrown into the corporate world of working or simply working environment when they come face to face to a completely different and drastic world of highly educated and yet ego driven adults which outnumber most of the working population presently?

How about the kid who grew up and with his brilliant mind and energy wish to create a reality of his own touch for himself and all those who wish to form part of it? A young adult now who have dreams and aspirations and who does not have the luxury of wealthy background but brilliant aspiration and talent and who has been put into various trials of life to become responsible and liable of all his actions. What happens when this adult wish to fulfill his aspirations? There are indeed many such adults walking and breathing the earth actually, who are going through lots of trials in their lives and still fighting to accomplish themselves and who wants to serve more to all and many times all they want is a small push.

Why are there no benevolent volunteers of charity to donate money to those people who experience adverse situations and obstacles to people who need only one push to achieve their goals?

It’s might be a simple thing, like a bicycle, a dress, a shoe, a small toy or an air ticket. If only a small part of those charities could have been accessed to these people, then I would have no doubt that our world would have been really heaven on earth.

But are our people really thinking about it? Is charity really helping those who it should help or are we being kept in illusion of something which is causing greater pain. Does charity stop at the working population age, when actually people need it the most? How about those magnificent plans and ideas and energy of all those children who have grown up now?

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