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Friendship of the continents

Hello my dear reader! I live in Siberia, it is severe, beautiful district of Russia. I would like to share with you the history of the Miracle which I will never forget …
Having won the professional competition «Teacher of year 2005» in my city Novosibirsk, I took part in the competition of the best teachers of Russia. In the result, I have received the grant of the President and had a chance to participate in the 3rd international conference of women, Dallas, Texas.
The delegation of the public organization «Women together», with tireless leader Larisa Cherepanova, has departed to another world’s end! The time difference is 12 hours... Unknown continent, unacquainted people, unfamiliar traditions and manners … It was thrilling!
We were welcomed by lovely women with posters: «Welcome to Dallas! » They were Cherry and her friends.
The opening of the conference was amazing! We were told the history of Texas, and shown indigenous population dances!
Seminars, round tables, were uneasy to me. I didn't know English language at all! But volunteers were nearby and we felt comfortable.
Organizers gave us the possibility to tell about ourselves, about Russian history and traditions. So we dressed in our national suits brought from Russia and played balalayka. Of course we worried very much. But, having seen benevolent persons gathered in a hall, we calmed down. Russian songs and national dances left nobody indifferent. «Vo pole berezka stoyala…» these words sounded both in Russian and English languages. Women from different continents understood each other!..
I often look photos of lovely Gillian and Pit which were looking after us after the conference. I remember a trip with Gillian in an excursion tram in the historical city center, exotic animals in «Aquarium», pink flamingos … There is a sign in Russia – if you see a flamingo – you dreams will come true! We were amazed by night Dallas! The sky full of stars, so similar to the sky of Russia … And what culinary abilities of Pit!
I remember kindliness of a family of Cherry and David – the charming cheerful brunette with fervent eyes and the clever doctor playing a small guitar. Cherry and her friends traveled with us: gardens, museums, masterful artists and unforgettable rodeo, a shelter for the offended wives and a residential home… Wherever we were, we met kind people and understood each other without a word!
I couldn't visit the American school. But I remember stories told by wonderful Lesly – the teacher of English with a pleasant velvet voice.
There was a miracle in which I could never believe before – I have opened America for myself!

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