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Initiative Update

From Slum to the world.

Poets, singers, composers, grandparents, students, people.

Help Brazilian women to improve their lives through poetry.

When I understood the dimension of the chaos that the pandemic caused by the Corona virus was causing in my life and in the lives of people with a risk profile due to age, I realized my suffering. Until then, I went out weekly to sing, in Saraus, in the favelas, in Cidade de Deus, in the homes of people I love, visit friends, travel, laugh, sing and feel alive.

With the pandemic, I became aware of my finitude, and the risk of anticipating my death.

In reality, I always knew about death, but I was too alive to believe in an invisible death that could attack me every moment, and that still can not taking care of myself and being attacked by a virus.

So, I protect myself, I try to protect myself in every way and that I know. However, the sadness that also weakens and makes us vulnerable as well as facilitating or unknown diseases could also be happening with my friends, 30 women in the choir and I decided to make the first video with them, singing.

Each woman with her resources, facilities and difficulties in using technology and, were phone calls, disclosures of risk situations, guidelines and music.

We kept in touch, strengthening friendship without the need for videos.

So I decided to go out and create a video that brought together artists from the slum, people who were sure they needed visibility and especially affection.

The first edition had 5 participants in 8 minutes. other videos increased the participation and the time reached 35 minutes, so I started to think about the aesthetics of the following videos, but at the same time I receive more than 5 videos a day.

Before I asked for videos, today I receive us. The internet showed me a very democratic profile and people from Rio de Janeiro's favela or not were getting closer, as well as from other states and countries.

Today, Soiree in the Slum has two strands, one that brings together artists, poets, singers, artisans, dancers in the same video, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes, and the other just an artist who teaches his art, which I called Passing on knowledge .

Soiree has a Facebook page, I updated my YouTube page to a Soiree page and thus distributed the activities of the Soiree:

Sunday at 6 pm - Transmitting knowledge, instructional videos;

Tuesdays at 6 pm - Sarau na Favela presentation by the artists;

Friday at 6 pm - Soiree in the favela.

Meeting people who are writing their poetry for the first time, people who are at home in quarantine getting ready to sing in the video, putting on makeup, showing their art, established artists participating, is a blessed experience, the biggest challenge is to realize that an action is becoming a project and I need to develop logistics to improve the final product, a beautiful and valuable video and that we will soon need more hands.

We finished the 11th. Soiree in the favela edition and we are already preparing the 12th. 158 artists have already performed at the Sarau in 11 editions.

The audience reached 1646 people. A lot of work, but feeling very alive, very alive to bring happiness to the four corners of the world.

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