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Fruit Filled with Poison

A few days ago I read an alarming article in the Bengali papers.The High Court issued a decree that anyone found guilty of using toxic pesticides and chemicals to enhance the 'look' of fruit would be sentenced to death. Bizarre I thought to myself but my attention was caught.

The article related how about 85% of fruit grown in Bangladesh was treated chemically with such a high amount of toxic sprays full of chemicals to make them more beautiful regardless of what these chemicals did to the effect of the fruit on the human body. The fruit looked gorgeous, smelled lovely but biting into it means a death sentence over the next few years for the person who consumes it! It has been proven that the consumption of such treated fruit causes various cancers, skin diseases and teeth rot. Eating fruit in Bangladesh is literally to die for. Only the affluent can afford to purchase imported fruit but they can also pay to leave which many here cannot.

Why would a country I wonder sabotage itself and its youth like this? Why would a government allow this to get as far as it had? Why hadnt these depraved beings responsible for this been hung out to dry? To poison your own people to make an extra taka? My mind was reeling. Something has to be done. Please get the message out to people who can help because I do not know where to start and it saddens me. This country has enough problems with unemployment, extreme poverty, contaminated water issues and crime. It does NOT need this added to the list and its something that can be stopped. How can Bengalis advance and develop if they cannot even provide themselves with clean produce? Little children need fruit to grow. A whole generation of little children are biting into fruit that could give them life-threatening diseases. Instead of being a treat the fruit is a death sentence.

I look to my friends on global pulse for solutions to this crazy situation. I look to you to help me find ideas and inspiration to implement a sustainable plan of action. It may seem small but think about it the next time you take a bite into your apple.

South and Central Asia
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