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Gender based violence against women with disabilities

Gender based violence has been going on since times immemorial.   the UN women  and other organizations have been doing alot in order to  curb this. But  has it crossed our minds what about the plight of women with disabilities?

During this  global pandemic,  domestic violence has been called the shadow pandemic.

During the lockdown, there has been a lot of   gender based violence against women and girls  with disabilities.  India is home to around 15 percent of the  world's disabled population.   many of which are women.

I know of a girl  who was  beaten by her husband continually, and  her phone was denied to her. She was a wheel-chair user.    her husband would not even take her to a   doctor for her disability treatment. She has a small son, and  the husband always wants her to feel dependent on him, yet when she needs help,  he acts as if it is a  nuisance.

There has been instance of sexual violence against blind women, husbands tying them to their beds and   having intercourse with them, without consent. This is called marital rape.

During This lockdown,  it increased on account of men unable to go to work, and all members at home, and temper rising due to frustration, no income, and  no alcohol for daily wage earners who are used to earning per day and drinking a smattering of alcohol after.  Many  wives are women with disabilities.  They are  helpless due to their condition, and lack of  proper  access to people, resources, lack of  privacy setting, is  the reason why they can't get to anyone on time.

What is solution?

Have a link  box kind of a pocket device. not like a phone, but like an MP3 player so no on suspects. then if the women is in danger she can press a button, and the alert can go to the nearest police station,   hospital, women's cell, or even a close friend also.

 there should be special women counselors at hand in each remote areas village, taluk, and district. there should be an  exclusive cell at block village level for women to   complain with the utmost confidentiality.

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