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Getting over the Obstacles

Time always fly further on and never turns back again. Time wants to see the modification on everything as per its dynamic nature. As everything need change and my community and my country are also not exceptional.
Living with discrimination, living with violence, living with prejudice, living with exploitation such are obligation of girl/women in Nepal. Though women cover half of the total population they still live their life as second citizen. Unfairness between so called upper caste and lower caste also the crucial issues in my community. During my 35 years long journey I went through many occurrence in my life. I now can conclude that religious and social beliefs system has played an obligatory role to determine the society’s characters and individual’s behavior conduct. Change or in other term development further depends upon the values and norms of related society and attitude of people living there.
Yes, we need change but many obstacles are standing there. The deeply rooted patriarchies social value is one of the major barriers. Girls and women are badly suppressed in every aspect. Some other barriers are lack of education, poverty, unequal access to resources, unstable politics, and lack of basic infrastructures. We cannot change the society’s belief and practices immediately through any means. But until if we cannot make any modification on social’s attitude we cannot create change. All other factors are affected by the social deportment.
Education, further more girls education must be essential. Due to the bias nature of family and society girls are bereaved from education. Most of the girls are still spending their time in house hold periphery. As per the saying and that is also the fact; making girls educated means making family educated but making a boy educated means making a person educated. Moreover, after being educated women can be independent because dependency is another cause to be dominated. So girl’s education is one of the prime key.
Awareness program also play the important role. Conducting awareness program, making grass root women empowered through training, non formal education program are another resolution to cross the barriers. Conducting campaign in public places, awareness in schools, raising voice collectively also can play the immense role.
Before making other aware and empowered making own aware and empowered is important. World pulse has made me full of fuel to drive my stopped voice. It has opened me a channel through which I can broadcast my all sting, ecstasy and courage. My skill to share the story also being improved so that I can address my voice along with other grass root women in my community. To make change the world, must start from the self and world pulse definitely has provided that golden opportunity to make myself empowered.
By making the local voice global world pulse has been breaking the barrier!!!

South and Central Asia
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