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Haiti--The Eye of the Camera (a film documentary proposal envisioned by Marie Bonheur Gulotta)



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I would like this film documentary project to be created under the auspices of the group known as Poto Famn+Fi, a new group of women, whose members are part of and the Haitian Diaspora and who are devoted to the rebuilding of Haiti. The film documentary will be a collaborative project created by women and follow the current population of women and girls in Haiti. Women photographers will work on this project not only because the camera empowers its user, but also because women often see things differently and pick up on different messages.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this documentary will be (1) to follow the renewal process on the ground in Haiti and the role of women in the process, (2) to reiterate and demonstrate the global commitment to rebuild Haiti and (3) to attract social entrepreneurs and potential resources interested in making a permanent investment in Haiti’s future. The eye of the camera, a powerful instrument, will illustrate current day to day living in Haiti post-January 12 quake, provide some background into our nation’s devastating history leading up to the disaster, and will continue to monitor the progress and problems during the rebuilding effort.

METHOD: It is my intention to use the camera to show the dignity and resolve of the Haitian people, in particular the strength and endurance of women and girls, despite the overwhelming setbacks they have experienced. My goal is to represent the true nature of the Haitian people. Haiti has a story, a very real story, a story that must be told. Prior to the earthquake, the world left Haiti a “dream deferred” to its own unhappy fate. In the process of rebuilding our country, building back better, there must be accountability. And the camera with its very powerful lens will not only show the truth, but will also act as a watchdog to keep an eye on the reconstruction effort. I would hope that the result of this documentary will be the return of the Haitian diaspora, of social entrepreneurs and other resources to Haiti.

BUDGET: Photographer
Camera Equipment

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FUNDING: Funding can come from women’s groups like the Women’s Funding Network. The Atlanta branch of the AAUW, where I am a member may back this project. It may be possible to connect college alumnae with college students on campuses in various universities where they are working on donor projects to help Haiti come back.

RESOLVE: Most importantly I want to show the world a country whose people can dig out from the present disaster situation, a country that was once the first island nation to declare their independence and liberate themselves from slavery. It is so important to share the personal stories of Haitians with the rest of the world. The time is now, the need is great. The camera’s eye sees well the human condition.

Marie Bonheur-Gulotta

Northern America
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