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Have You Joined Our Encourager Party?

In this virtual event, we talk about sisterhood, spend time encouraging the World Pulse community, and share ideas for lifting each other up. 

On 18th December 2020, we met with the encouragers, for one final time this year, to celebrate each other and lift up the amazing work encouragers do. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, with challenges doubling down from all sides, encouragers never backed down. The comments of hope, solidarity, love, sisterhood and healing only grew stronger over the year. 

The Encourager Party normally takes place on the last Friday of every month. However, given that Holiday season is upon us, we decided to advance the call, and as always, the one hour allotted for the call ended before it even began!

Dawn Arteaga was the Mother of Ceremonies. She got us started off with a survey poll asking where the audience were joining from, and welcomed everyone. We celebrated the Featured - Encouragers of December who have gone above and beyond to display the World Pulse spirit:

  • J Brenda, Uganda, shares, "It is more satisfying to put a smile on another person's face and give back their strength. Encouragement is a two-way traffic. Because when I encourage a sister who could be going through a similar situation as me, I am encouraged too at the end. It is like nursing someone else's wounds when you too have wounds on your fingers. That hot water and medicine you put on those wounds heal yours too in the process of helping that sister."

  • Mae Ann, Philippines, shares, "We face a myriad of problems in life.  We need a dose of encouragement daily. I encourage because words have power. Every word can bring a difference to a person who needs to be seen and cared about. World Pulse gives me an opportunity, so I connect with a heart by making a significant impact on people’s lives. Thriving to see individual reach their potential and add value to their lives. I love encouraging, it’s one of my favorite hobby."

  • JoMarie, USA, shares, "Encouragement is the energy that ignites, nurtures, and protects courage until it is ready to awaken, rise and take its course."

We also called forward Sushmita to share her journey as an Encourager, "The journey at World Pulse is short yet continuing. It provided me a platform to raise my voice and reach out to the wonderful sisters of World Pulse. This platform helped me connect with the women who have brought in impacts in their communities and changed the lives of many. I draw my power from the stories shared by the sisters of World Pulse and motivate myself to share my experiences and stories from the life that I'm leading with enthusiasm and determination. World Pulse gave me global recognition. I'm so grateful to the World Pulse. It actually means its name, the pulse attached with the term world, is nothing but the pulse of a woman like me. At last, I would like to say that I can never step back in my life when it comes to empowering others. Thank you World Pulse."

Following this, we had some great tips on Encouraging from Karen.

Click here to read of Karen's tips so far

  • Provide A Positive Perspective - It allows the storyteller to see her situation from a fresh and positive lens. What seems to be a hopeless and helpless situation for the storyteller can also be her empowering moment. We give a message of hope by providing a positive perspective (but only after we offered empathy so we don't invalidate her experience). Example: It takes a woman with the strength of character to withstand all that you went through. You've survived the toughest challenges. From this moment on, nothing can bring you down. You'll be unstoppable.

  • Read Older Posts - Look for topics that interest you from the search bar. Read the stories. Leave a heartfelt comment. If the member is inactive, start by asking, "How are you?/How are you doing?", and end with, "Looking forward to more updates from you." From personal experience, leaving comments to older posts encourages inactive members to visit World Pulse and post stories again.

Then we moved on to party time, where we jumped onto for a brief period of 15 minutes to find stores to read and encourage the authors. Then we assembled in four break out rooms headed by Jill, Mae Ann, JoMarie, and myself - where we went around the group sharing what resonated the most with us from the stories we read. This is a chance for everyone on call to speak up and share their experience as an encourager and the impact of encouragement.

We also heard Gisele's journey on WP, she shares, "In my life, I have felt an impact through interactions with the World Pulse community because this community is a meeting point for me and maybe for others too. I appreciate the feminine world in interactions and that this community is fraternal. The world moves forward with a lot of things, creations, and dreams. This is how we girls (from DRC) wanted to be creative by giving of ourselves what we know. We are five girls who came together to fight against unemployment and self-finance among ourselves. Following our World Pulse community which never ceases to encourage us by advice as well as to raise our voices, we are proud to share with you our dream which is unfinished but with all of us by the encouragement we are sure that everything will be fine."

As a World Pulse staff, the Encourager Parties are personally very transformative. Listening to everyone speak and learning from the shared experience is what I cherish the most. I look forward to the upcoming Encourager Party on January 29th. 

Mark your calendars now and register in advance for this meeting:



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