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Helen Keller Day

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart,” said Helen Keller.

Helen Keller, a revolutionary women of multiple disability -The American author, lecturer, humanitarian and political activist and the first Deaf Blind in the world to get a degree, what to tell more than this, about her?

As a blind not only to me, she is an inspiration, role model and encouragement to each and every blind person in the world. Every year on 27th of June on her birth date, the entire world is celebrating Helen Keller day to honour the symbol of epitome, courage, self confidence

Friends, just to tell her life story in two lines,

She was affected by an illness in her early childhood which made her to turn as a Deaf and blind. She was just two years old at that time. With the help of Anne Sullivan, her instructor she learned how to communicate and completed her basic education. She made a change in the history by getting the bachelor’s degree as Deaf blind.

There are so many blind women in India, who are still not able to receive even the basic education even today. Helen Keller fought for herself and completed her education in spite of her disability. This is what always attracts and pulls me to her as a source of energy and courage.

When I read her life story I came to know that she published 12 books in her life time, which is again a symbol of courage and confidence. The only lingering question in my mind is how this is possible for women with multiple disabilities to do this? Is that the in born courage and the trust she had on her? How strong she should be to prove to the whole world that as a woman she can reach the peak of the world and disability is not a hindrance at all.

She didn’t stop with that. Throughout her life time she supported and was a strong advocate of disabled rights, pacifism, women’s empowerment and workers rights.

She developed herself by the faith she had on herself and talents.   

She is a sign of courage and confidence to the entire blind community and an inspiration to the young blind girls like me.


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