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Hello - this is a survey of what you REALLY think

Motivation! Lack thereof! That is my challenge to creating change in my community. Lack of focus, drive, goals. What should I work on first? Health care? Education? Energy? Peace? Homelessness… Poverty… Relief… Charity… dis-enfranchisement… Politics… Government… Globalization? What to do first? Gain clarity? Pray… Travel… Dis-engage… Engage… Talk… Write… Organize… raise kids… work… run away? OK OK. First stop eating, smoking, drinking, binging, distract-ing, watching TV, playing music, going to the movies, consuming, wasting. Then, pray. Then pray more. And more. Then get clarity. How do I do that? ASK PEOPLE. Right. How do I do THAT? Ahhhh.

What should I ask?

Ask people what they REALLY think, and know in their heart, about Healthcare, Education, Energy, Peace, Homelessness, Poverty, Relief, Charity, Politics, Government and Globalization. Not multiple choice “pick one of 5” – but actual personal insights.

I would like to use PulseWire to survey people. And to post trends. I have a Marketing background and I have surveyed people as part of my job. Data analysis, cross tabs, statistical variation. These things mean something to me.

I seek to survey people on the everyday issues on people’s minds today. For example …Have you ever thought about Globalization? Have you ever thought about joining an anti globalization action? What type of action have you thought about joining? Have you ever gone to a meeting at a public school? If yes, did you speak at the meeting? What did you say? Have you ever traveled out of your country? Where did you go on your latest trip? What one thing about the people do you remember most from that trip? Have you ever been in the hospital? Did it help you or make you worse? Etc.etc.

I think it will be enlightening to discover what people are thinking and what they know, and to broadcast the results. People have alot of answers.

Northern America
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