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Her Right for Dignity is My Dignity

Muskan ( Age 17) Coming from a community where getting birth as a girl is considered as a curse. My Father and My Grandmother always wanted a son, but we both sisters were born. My father being a illiterate person, Rickshaw puller and a Drunkard has made us believe that we are a curse and we should have died before we had come on this earth. Every Morning we get up with  hearing colourful words which hit us hard, we used to get demotivated for the whole rest of the day while working with my mother in kitchen, helping her making rugs and being a part to earn bread. Later at Night it was time to get some power shots, when my father used to first beat my mom and later used to wake up and beat us with belts and Shoes. It really pinched me every time untill I met Bhabhisa ( Bharti Singh Chauhan) our Founder PraveenLata Sansthan when I was referred by one girl who already used to go to Laadli centre. My mother got me enrolled there with an aim atleast we get some time to live our life. After joining the centre first thing I learnt was not to bear the pain and talk about my right. I wanted to go to school but never went as was busy with all social and economic barriers. 

But after going to the centre, I got the opportunity to learn and write. I learnt about my rights and how to go about it. I was motivated and got the confidence that I can stand for my mother to help come out of the pain she was going through. 

It was late night when my father first abused her and later started beating her for some time I was feeling bad later, I just remembered Bharti Mam telling me \"you need to stand for yourself, than only I will stand for you\" 

This was the first time I took the first step to raise my voice before my father to not to beat my mom saying angrily this is wrong and I will not tolrate this. 
My father was stunned up. He was not able to reach and since that my father stopped beating my mom nor us. 

Today I have not only learnt how to read and write the organization has helped me to become economically independent after I was trained on Skill Development. Today I earn and support my family and take care of my younger brothers.

It was because of a support given by Bharti Mam that I was able to stand for my right, as I got the Confidence from her. She is a True hero for me #IStandforher truly proves her to be a great social activist transforming lives of many as mine in many ways.

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Gender-based Violence
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