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My name is Esther

I didn’t have a grace of being born into a famous and rich family, but got a grace of having a family that raised me in ways that can allow me to be a great woman in the world. After my secondary studies, my dear parents enrolled me in one of the best high-schools in Bukavu. Our secondary school had students to whom the majority came from well-known families in Bukavu / DRC. I had a harsh experience that triggered the Esther that I am. I remember my first geography lesson in first year. Our geography teacher used to end his lesson by mentioning some names of my colleague’s parents. He always expected to have a class made up of rich family’s students. One day gave a test; everyone had to go pick his/her paper in front. At my turn, the teacher called my name and asked me this question: - «are you dean's granddaughter  (my grandfather)?”. I replied by saying yes. The teacher with a sorry and sad face, said to me: "I know your family, from your grandfather to your parents, they are smart but unfortunately teachers like us". For those who know the Democratic Republic of Congo know that the work of teaching in Congo is among the most neglected and poorly paid professions. Since my geography teacher found out about my social class, he became very hard on me, he considered me less than others, and he used my name to illustrate his negative examples. I lived through this bad for 6 long years. In the last year of my secondary studies, he became our teacher for 2 courses:  geography and marketable products course. I was not smart in these two classes not because I was not intelligent but because I didn't like my teacher's behavior towards me, I was traumatized. In June 2015, we had a final exam of geography. I did not score good grades. A Saturday evening our geography teacher comes to give the results. When it was my turn , the teacher stopped and looked me straight in the eye. And said to me: «Esther Atosha, I pity you. Instead of focusing on your education to see if you can change your family history, you are scoring bad grades. I'm afraid that you end up like your family, or even worse than them ".all my classmates laughed at me I felt a great anger in me, I screamed, "nooooooooo it won't happen. I will be a leader, the world will talk about me one day" with a rude attitude, the teacher said to me: "shut up young girl, without being a prophet, I see you in 5 years having 8 children working in Joelle's shop (Joelle was my classmate. She came from 'a very rich family from BUKAVU). And if you're a strong woman, remind me later in 5 years " The teacher punished me for bad behavior in class. I executed the punishment by telling myself inside that I must succeed, , I must change my family history, I must lead , I must inspire generations. When I got back home I wrote in my little diary, the future I wanted for myself, for my family and for Congo. I fought; I was constantly looking for opportunities. Sometimes I failed, I cried but I did not give up. I rose and continue my journey.

Here I am today; July 29, 2020, five years after my geography teacher's words. I want to remind my teacher and the whole world of what i become. Dear teacher! I don't have 8 children as you predicted. Rather, I have a very big family of girls and women who are impacted by my leadership and entrepreneurship program. Dear teacher, I don't work in Joelle’s shop as you predicted: instead, I work for my community: - I am the coach of Street business School in DRC -I am a young woman for peace and leadership in DRC - I am a girl ambassador of world pulse in  DRC -and to crown my story, I won my world pulse change maker badge yesterday. Dear teacher, I promise you that in 5 other years it you who is going remind me who I am. Because my name is Esther, which means a STAR. The role of stars is to shine. Playing desperate has never been part of stars' game. Being part of world pulse is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Reading posts women around the world encouraged me never to give up. The love and the support of my World Pulse sisters serve me as a weapon against discouragements. I was often told that nothing good will come out of me; it’s no longer the same since I joined world pulse community.

my eyes are full of tears when I see boys and girls older than me who come to me and tell me :"ESTHER you inspire me a lot", my eyes are fool of tears when I see fathers and mothers who tell me :" I wish to have daughter like you Esther"  .see I AM NOW A LEADER !

I would like to encourage a woman especially and anyone who reads this post; and lives in a society that stuck her/him. Never define yourself by negative opinions around you. The fact of breathing in and breathing out proves that you have something beautiful inside that you have to offer the world. Never let obstacles kill the queen / king in you. Wake up, dress up, show up and never give up.

MY NAME IS ESTHER #lettheadventurebigins # let’sgooo

#One day my stoy will inspire some

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