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Honoured by Beautiful African Women with Beautiful Hearts

The month of June ended up on a very exciting note for me. Indeed, the first half of my year was nothing short of thrilling, and the brief bout with thypiod was my body's own way to force a break hahaha.

It was simply beautiful this weekend, I missed staying on for their beautiful cake. Yes, I am talking about a young group of ladies in my country Cameroon who came together to dive themselves \"Beautiful African Ladies with Beautiful Hearts\". This was their first 'Intuitive Come Together', and they came out in their numbers from different cities of the country. Some from Yaounde, Buea, Limbe, Bafang, Nkongsamba and was so beautiful. They are from different backgrounds, do different things but are all together as far as their motto goes: 'Being a sister's keeper'.

I was found on Google by their founder and president Ms Eneke Helen she told me ha; and when she asked me to be their keynote speaker, I said yes right away. I loved her courage and candour, and of course I always have something to share to hopefully inspire and motivate another person.

So, the topic was: \" Helping Women to build more confident homes\". 

Trust me to start of by saying I was my very first home. If I wasn't confident in myself, I couldn't be confident about any other home I could purport to build be it alone or with a partner.

After a brief rundown of my own zigzag love affair with self confidence, I shared some tips on how to not only build but how to sustain both the confidence and the home. 

We couldn't and shouldn't let ourselves so carried away by wanting to have 'perfect' homes which could be the trophy to be displaced to all visitors, that we ignore our inside homes - our authentic feelings.

The saying that 'you can't give what you don't have' means a lot, and you definitely can't build what you don't understand/ appreciate.

After my presentation, you could tell the ladies had come prepared to drill Marie Abanga. I answered questions, gave more input and asked those who wanted more to reach out via whatsapp hahaha

It was indeed so beautiful, I couldn't stop celebrating all that beauty right up to the next day Sunday 30th of June when dancing at a mega humanitarian concert offered to us for free by my angel friend Barakah Barakah... that's for another post o

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