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How covic19 epidemic will make widow's & teen moms useful and accepted in my community

Hi world purse team, I bring greetings from Hope on The Rock ministries in Jinja Uganda East Africa. A home of HOPE for teenage mothers and widows.

I came up with a local hand washing system idea and I desire to train my team to make them for homes in the communities.

I want my team( widows and teen moms) to make these local hand washing systems for homes in their communities where they're neglected and despised and isolated if I get resources.

This will change their image in their communities, they will be useful and the people in the community will treat them with dignity. And the isolated category will be reconciled to their community

Self esteem will be built among teen moms and widows during this lockdown and corona virus will be prevented through washing hands using the local  hand washing systems installed by teenagers and widows and teen moms.

I want to involve teenagers during this lock down when schools are closed to equip them with a seasonal skill and also prevent teenage pregnancies by keeping the busy, creative and resourceful.

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