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Initiative Update

How To Get Involved!

I invite individuals and organizations to support me in healing women and girls mind, body and spirit.

Here are a few of the ways you can support:

Help me train 100 organizations in two years!Donate to my fundraiser help create sacred spaces for women in leadership to heal from gender-based violence, trauma, oppression, poverty, and neglect and learn how to create sustainable organizations.Please click here to donate!

Donate Today! Towards the completion of the book, training manual and healing toolkit including 1. Research gender-based violence and organizational trauma 2. Copy-editing services for a final manuscript 3. Cover design 4. Printing and production 5. Book Layout and design

Offer a retreat space in your country! You can also make in-kind donations that include spiritual/self-healing tools, natural medicine, cultural fabric or healing books.

Refer leaders or an organization that you know can benefit from our self-healing training!

Partner or collaborate!As funders, as community leaders, as participants and as healers.

Invite women! and their organizations to participate in our training or put together a retreat for their staff.

Spread the Word!Visit my website And share this campaign with your friends and social networks.

Contact me on World Pulse or at

Make a donation today in the name of your little girl, your mother, your daughter, a participant in your organization or for yourself and make sure that every little girl gets to heal from her story!

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