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Human Influenza… hurting Mexico

Our beloved country is facing since last April 22 a state of distress, information-misinformation, lack of solidarity of countries allegedly brothers and some friends, worry and fear over the threat of the virus H1N1.

If there is something that makes me really sad and mad is discriminating people. Whether they are poor, a different race, skin color, different way of being and thinking. It doesn´t matter who that person is, where do he or she comes from and which are their living habits, we are all human beings. NO ONE has the authority to treat bad a person who is sick or is suspected to be.

I am Mexican and I feel very ashamed because of my own people overreaction, because of the way the government is giving information, because of all the countries who are discriminating Mexicans when they travel and because of the media that can seem to show any ethic anymore.

If Mexico was bad in its economic, political and social situation, with human influenza became worst. From the beginning there has been clumsy communications from the federal authorities to which the local authorities joined and it seems more as if they want more to make a profit or political positioning than being really worried on the health of the population. I am not referring to the recommended actions but the clumsy way of saying things, which only led to fear, worry, anxiety and a lack of solidarity. “Don´t go out on the streets. Don´t shake hands and kiss. Wear a face mask” As if all those prevent the spread of the virus.

It makes me sad to know that a lot of indiscrimination cases around the world to Mexicans are taking place. Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba and Peru cancelled flights from and to Mexico. Doesn´t these country´s government read about what WHO says about not putting flight restrictions??? It´s not that I have something against people of these countries, -clarifying, I don´t have anything against these people- but if they are taking these type of measures because of the excuse of the human influenza, Mexico should not allow the entrance to people from these countries without any visa permission. Oh! But I forgot that Mexico needs foreign people to maintain its economy balanced.

South America is not only the place where discrimination is taking place. Some Spaniards are calling it the “Mexican flu” but let´s not forget that in 1918 there was a pandemic flu known as the “Spanish flu”. “It is estimated that anywhere from 20 to 100 million people were killed worldwide, or the approximate equivalent of one third of the population of Europe, more than double the number killed in World War” according to some websites. While with human influenza “Mexico has reported 397 confirmed human cases of infection, including 16 deaths. The United States Government has reported 141 laboratory confirmed human cases, including one death” (WHO).

I am curious to see if Mexican president would give any explanations on these discrimination acts that other countries are doing to Mexicans.

Mexicans always welcome people from everywhere with a smile on their face, offering the best they have. But this should also be a lesson for Mexicans and stop being “malinchistas”.

Emergency state means take precautions. Not get panic the world is ending.

People around the world are only watching in the news images of empty streets in Mexico City and few people walking with a face mask. And just because of this they judge Mexico and the Mexicans as focus on infection. Well, I live in Monterrey, the third most important city in Mexico and most important because of its business relations with other countries and its nearness to United States. It hasn´t been any human influenza case here…yet and people started panic shopping. I am healthy as well as my family and friends. I go to work, to the gym and walk my dog in the park without wearing any useless face mask. And I have good health habits not because of this but because I want to live a long and happy life. And I must confess that I laugh sometimes when I go out and see people inside their cars wearing this face mask and see that streets are “dead”. It reminds me of those zombie´s movies.
And I guess this is because of my culture. Mexicans always make fun of something serious. As Mexicans characterize by their good sense of humor I would like to suggest reading the book Laberinto de la soledad by Octavio Paz. It perfectly shows the culture, way of being and thinking of Mexicans. If people would know more about other people´s culture, there would be more comprehension in this kind of situations.

Just because more people are dying in Mexico, doesn´t mean that the virus is strong here. What the rest of the world NEEDS to know is that people are afraid of going to hospitals because they know they will be indiscriminate by the same Mexican doctors. And just because they show some symptoms doesn´t mean they have human influenza. Don´t panic it can be cured. And it is worth to mention here that there are hundreds of domestic violence cases in Mexico which are not reported because women are afraid to speak because of the consequences. 200 to 500 thousands of people in the world die in a year because of normal influenza.
I ask myself why can´t Mexico be a strong country as others which stood up after World Wars. Why the government is hurting the country and its people. We live with corruption, poverty, drug cartels and now with human influenza and indiscrimination. What else is next?

Most Mexicans are loosing credibility in their government. There are rumors of this invented virus for political and economical reasons. What ever that is, people should know that this already hurt the country. With unclear information and the suddenly stability of deaths it´s enough reason to loose credibility.

As my father says Mexico lives and will continue living despite Cuba and other “brother” countries close their doors to our compatriots. Discriminatory attitudes will not prevail, Mexico does not practice it. Mexico has a universal vocation.
Let´s take care of everyone, be in solidarity, understand more those who have few and find solutions. Soon this will be overcome and it will be only a bad memory, but the lessons we must learn are:
a) Choose right our leaders and be more mature and participatory for demanding responsibilities;
b) Be in solidarity with others and strive for a more just and equitable society;
c) Observe the recommendations to care of our health, as the competent authorities show and
d) Really love Mexico and the Mexican people.

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