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Initiative Update

I am addicted to creativity

The Future

I love Arts;

In all its totality

It may be, using words to create wisdom or a new path

Or creating beauty from Ashes

Art is my new way of life

Therefore I love concentrating on trash

Which means lots of sleepless nights over Trash

It didn’t start suddenly

It sprouts from my inner wound and pain

It blossoms in my daily thoughts

It thrives in my soul, Now Creativity lives in me

Digesting it was not as easy as I thought

Since I needed it as a wheel to drive Transformation

I decided to see each strand of fabric as intestine

While the heart of the matter is Transforming lives of women,

Creating community champions from abandoned female folks

How can trash transform lives?

How can the inconsequential become adorable ?

How do you expect to find beauty in Ashes?

How will the dead bones breathe again?

How can the abused become assets?

How can dirt become gold?

Sleepless nights did the magic

Listening and learning from others became the oil

Personal experience greases my elbow

Each strand of fabric glitters like gold

Little square of fabrics became beauty to the beholder

Gradually mind set change began in our neighbourhood

In a world where the focus is on external adornment

To make it plain and simple

It is trash today but treasure tomorrow

It can be squared of two by two, transformed into bedcover

To warm the body and caresses the soul

It can also be transformed into bags;

To carry our burden and light the soul

Yes, It is possible to create a cooking bag;

All from trash.

Until this fateful day, the day Art changed my life

When I began to pick the inconsequential -

The trash among the trash

And I began to create a new wall Art

Wall of love, not the border wall; Wall of Arts

From the minutest, I brought out the eye

From strands of trash, I created beautiful women

Small pieces of fabrics created wall hens, peacocks and elephants

A new me has emerged, ready to recreate more women

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