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Initiative Update

I am one of the honored heroines showcased for my work in the Digital Field in Cameroon.

My dear sisters, friends and supporters, I am excited to share some good news with you. It feels good when your community recognizes and appreciates your change making efforts, hard work and consistency in your activities.

For about 3 years before I joined World Pulse, I had been very active in my community changing the lives of girls and young women. When I discovered the hash tag #LogOnRiseUp my life changed forever. It is really amazing to see how my visibility has increased and attracted thousands of persons in Africa and worldwide to follow up on my activities after joining World Pulse.

The most valuable aspects about world pulse was my Digital Action Campaign entitled “ Bring a Girl to STEM” and my precious mentoring experience, in particular the support I received in shaping my vision and project. This campaign was the breaking of a new dawn because it gave me a new perspective in the way I viewed issues and my scope of tackling and solving problems. It actually boosted the giant in me using the tags #STEM4Girls and #Mentor4Change

All of these has lead my to success and in January 2018 I received 2 prestigious awards that aimed at showcasing, honoring and recognizing excellence in the digital and audiovisual world.

  • The first one was the African Dream Achievers Award for “Promoting ICT & STEM, Digital Rights and Empowering of young girls and women\". The African Dream Achievers Award is an annual event of The African Dream Network that recognizes efforts of individuals made towards community development.
  • The second one was the Bonteh Digital Media Awards for “Best Woman in Tech”. The Bonteh Digital Media Awards - BDMA, is the first Media and Tech Award in Cameroon aimed at honoring and showcasing players of the digital economy.

These 2 awards required serious voting and a criteria of scrutiny of our activities by different committees for over a period of 1 month without my knowledge. On two different occasions I surprisingly received the massages informing me that I had the highest votes therefore I am the winner.

Tears of joy ran down my cheeks and I immediately pictured my activities in the community that were inspired by the World Pulse ADC training.

2 other World Pulse sisters received the African Dream Achievers Award.

I am hypermotivated to keep on breaking our culturalstereotypes about STEM being for men, sharing my passion for STEM and thus bringing more girls to STEM via STEM programs that I organize at CYEED digital empowerment center for girls. I have a bigger dream to create a multimedia resource center and STEM maker space and I need support.

I am very grateful to be a World Pulse Impact Leader and I thank World Pulse for awakening the genius in me. I can’t spend a day without visiting the prestigious World Pulse site ( My bestfriend).

My message: \"Change makers aren't those with big bank accounts. They're simply people with big hearts for humanity.\"

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