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I am Proud to be a Mentor

I am a Mentor and yes its an accomplishment I am proud off . I Know over the last three decades I have evolved into a strong empowered woman that many are inspired by , but I have not always taught of myself as someone that would fit into the role of a Mentor .

I grew up a shy introverted girl , transalated in my fathers language it would probably mean I was taught of as a little dumb , because I wasnt the bravest , I wouldnt be the frist to speak out although a million taughts ran through my head , or I knew the correct answer , or be bold enough to stand out in the crowd I preferred to blend in , comfortable to be unseen . But some things are blessings we should leave well alone once it wasnt unto death .

But my mom taught I was smart and creative , wise and assertive, a little too opinionated, but way to shy , she tried her best to encourage me to be bold and come out of my shell a bit . We spent a lot of time together, I loved the things she loved , she loved reading , writing stories and the lovely lush green outdoors , we had our own huge botanical garden as she was a plant mummy and loved gardening with a passion . That beautiful poupori not only smelt nice on a morning when we woke up ,but the blend of colors , the birds ,butterflies and bees it attracted ,created a space of pure joy , where I loved to spend my time reading , doing chores, relaxing or just daydreaming . It was where my mum was her best self , her plants brought her such happiness, it brought her friends as well as persons would acquaint themselves with her to get a lil cutting of the ones that caught their eyes as they passed by .

But leadership excited me as a young person growing up , and I was inspired by the brave ones ,but never quite understood how I could accomplish it ,although at home my younger siblings looked up to me as the one they trusted to guide , advice and support them, but nothing happens before its time , my journey through life is preparing me for something beyound my wildest dreams . Over the years I have found my purpose and my voice and I have space to use it and I have an audience .

The quote above says it so profoundly ,it isnt about the titles , but to be able to influence someone to be a better version of themselves is powerful , to influence or encourage someone or a group of people to step out of the box and the frame of expectation that has been placed on them and realize their true potential is beyound amazing .

In recent times the word influencer has taken on a more trendy profile ,it seems everyone once you are popular is considered as such , whether you exude positive or questionable influence . Most cases influencers never interact or have no clue of the personal ambitions of their followers, other than they make up a numerical count .

On the other hand a Mentor to me has more of an interatctive role in the life of their mentee,s , the English dictionary transalates it as "I quote an experienced and trusted adviser."or

"A mentor is a person who can support, advise and guide you. They typically take the time to get to know you and the challenges you’re facing and then use their understanding and personal experience to help you improve."

I am grateful and embrace the opportunity as a Mentor , I am truly appreciative of the training provided by World Pulse in preping me for this role , but life experiences is our greatest teachers and so my experiences have shaped character and purpose in me and now I can use those to sow into the lives of others

I thank God that I can be looked upon as a mentor, someone who has overcome my own fears and weakened self esteem to be seen as someone who can add value to the lives of mentees . I have found some amazing mentors here on this platform and it is truly a pleasure to have had them hold my hand from day one and be such an encouragement on and off the platform . And so I too extend that hand of unofficial mentorship to the young ones coming into the platform

I too became an official mentee last year because I wanted to go through the experience of being in the training programme so I can do my best when it was my turn and my Mentor was amazing I love her more ,,lolzzz. Her encouragement and support helped me to continue to pursue my goals even harder

So here I am with my frist official mentee and and after two meetings I feel so happy that my imput is relevant and looking forward to impact so many more lives in a positive way. Yes there are some challenges, in terms of time ,but its a scarifice I am happy to make .

I know mentorship isnt something to be taken for granted because as a Mentor you too are benefitting from the effort and your self development continues ,and I am open to that very much .

So you may be reading this and thinking I too feel like I can be an someone but I dont feel confident enough , I dont feel I can guide anyone, my experiences have been so challenging , dont despair , I would advise you frstly to get into the training available here at WP, build your confidence , and apply for the Mentorship programme so you can become a mentee , go through the training to prepare yourself t, work on areas you consider weak and make a note of the acomplishments you were able to make in spite of or because off your challenges .Draw on the lessons you may have learnt from your mistakes , from challenges , from life and use them as teaching moments to encourage others .

Share your stories here or start journaling and practise to impact .

And soon too will be a Mentor if you desire .

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