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I Did Not Let My Dreams Fall In Thorn Bushes

I produce them myself.
NEAT Cosmetic production.

I had I dream one day and in that dream, I saw myself in a classroom and in that classroom, we were many in numbers and we had two teachers .One of these teachers was teaching us how to write on the board with charcoal while the other teacher was teaching us how to write on a green book with a pencil. Suddenly, I realized we were in a workshop learning craft work and in this workshop,.one of the teachers was my late husband .He came ,he walked toward me and asked me to pay attention to what they were teaching because it will help me in future. This confused me and I began arguing with him and he said if I learn harder I will be able to produce useful things. I headed to his advice and this made him happy and he walked away and I woke up and realized it was a dream. That dream kept me worried all through the day and week as I did not understand what the dream was all about but deeply, I believed my husband was out to deliver a message to me.

 Few weeks later, an announcement was passed in the community radio called radio hot coco about a training on beauty products which was to take place and I was interested in it. I left immediately for the radio to get more information about the training and I was directed to the training center .While there, I was told the training was just for three days since it was free but I could enroll for intensive training which I had to pay. When I got home, I reflected on it and I understood what my dream was all about. I attended the three days program and we learned how to produce three different beauty products. When I saw that these classes were beneficiary I decided to enroll for intensive training classes for a month and at the end of my training, I was able to produce 20 different products.

On my graduation day, I came out as one of the best student and I was given a good attestation and I thought that if I had slept or folded my hands because my husband left me, poverty would have crawl in like a thief in the night and I don’t know how life would have been for me and my family.

Days after my graduation, I decided to put what I have learned to practice. I engage in the production of some of the products I learned from the center .But it was not easy to start up something especially when many discouraged me. I did not have the required equipment’s to start the production of the beauty products and that was my first and most difficult challenge .I needed machines and containers .But I did not give up ,I was persistence I managed to do the little ones I could in my house and I saved the little profit I made jealously. My dreams was to have my own beauty products line. Slowly but smartly I was able to save enough money which enabled me to buy some of the things I needed and with these I manage to come out with NEAT COSMETICS BAMENDA CAMEROON .

I am very happy and excited with the outcome of Neat Cosmetics this far and for now ,I am thinking of opening Neat Cosmetic training center where I can teach and train other widows and girls who will be interested in producing beauty products like myself .I am equally planning to extern my line to other areas around .

In other to realize my ambition of training other women and girls, my dear sisters I will need to increase production and marketing thus I will be needing funding in other to buy the required equipment’s and with this I believe women and girls will be empowered and it will greatly reduce poverty and unemployment in my community and country.


Economic Power
Girl Power
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