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Initiative Update

I have become a Digital Rights Advocate for Cameroon.

In the presence on our partners from Internews, USA.

After running my Digital Action Campaign, my visibility and credibility increased tremendously. “Bring a Girl to STEM” campaign prompted me to produce incredible impact in my community.

In addition, my World Pulse story award about the Internet blackout in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon further opened me up to a new opportunity in the domain of Digital Rights Advocacy. As a result, I was been invited to share my story on Slate magazine and Accessnow and also collaborate with Internet without Borders.

Presently I am partnering with Internews on a project called “Ensemble Cameroon”. The NGO that I founded and lead called Centre for Youth Education and Economic Development CYEED is a grassroot development organization serving as a community resource center for technical training and education working serving as a community resource for technical training and education working to empower youths especially girls and young women towards achieving their development objectives, is now a local partner to INTERNEWS working in collaboration with another organization called Afroleadership.

So far we have organized 2 works in Cameroon for participants coming from the Northwest, Southwest, Central and Littoral regions of Cameroon:

  1. Training workshop on Digital Rights in Cameroon organized by CYEED, AfroLeadership and Paradigm Initiative and supported by Interview from May 2rd to 5th 2018 in Yaoundé. The theme was “Workshop to improve advocacy skills of stakeholders on Internet Rights and Digital Access in Cameroon”
  2. Digital Rights workshop for civil society in Cameroon organized CYEED, AfroLeadership and Paradigm Initiative and supported by Internews from 18th to 22rd June 2018 in Douala.

In April 24th to 26th 2018 I was also selected as one of the delegates from around the world for the Internet Freedom Forum IFF2018 in Abuja Nigeria organized by Paradigm Initiative. I benefited from the sponsorship of Internews.

The main objective of Internews is to support efforts out of Cameroon for policy advocacy to promote internet freedom in Cameroon. We have successfully created a coalition for Digital Rights Advocacy in Cameroon. The objective is to build a coalition between civil societies in Cameroon to help each other and to ensure the sustainability of digital rights and Internet freedom advocacy in Cameroon.

We hope to prevent further internet shutdown in Africa especially during times of crisis.

It is worth noting that this workshop came at a time when the population of the two English regions were faced with 2 periods of internet interruptions. This equally came under review as some participants thought it was apt, because to them, it was promoting propaganda and hate speech hence causing disunity, others felt it wasn’t necessary and Government on its part would have used the same internet to fight back what it considers false information or propaganda.

I look forward to expand the training to as many persons as possible especially women around Africa.

Never STOP believing in yourself!

Stand up and speak out!

Thank you World Pulse!

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