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~ ~ Malala Yousafzai

Once upon there was a girl who really loves to educate girls, who has the thirst of education, who has craze to do something big. She is no one but the one and only Malala Yusuf zai. Her dream was very simple “Girl’s Education” she really was a hard worker and a good daughter. Her school days were going just perfect she was totally happy with her education, she was learning day by day. Her hobby was to encourage her friends towards the education and she always used to advice them: “Dear friends we had to learn for the sake of our homeland, for the sake of peace, and for the sake of justice”. Her only concentration was on the education, she was wanted to send the girls to the school. Her dream was slowly becoming little highlighted but suddenly her dreams were converted into the DARK. One morning she went to school as usual with having lots of dreams in her heart, she reached, learned, meted with her friends and now she was going back to home in school bus with her friends. They were singing the poem.”!”!”!”!”!”!”!”!! J J J …Suddenly the bus stopped…. Everyone was become shocked the way bus stopped. The bus driver was killed then a man covering his face with a piece of cloth and having a gun in his hands, he just rushed inside the bus…there was a 1 min silence in the bus, like the silence of the graveyard. “Who is Malala”? .....”Who is Malala”? Cried the man, everyone was frightened, and calm. He said once again with a loud voice, “Who is the Malala from you”? Answer me or I’ll kill you all. Girls were crying Malala stood up! and said I am Malala, I am Malala, kill me, kill me and let them go they are my friends “sisters”. Man said: “oh so you are Malala the one who wants to educate the girls”? Yes I am Malala that believes we can change the world by our hard work. Man became angry and he just shoot her, she even don’t pluck her eyes, because she knows that if he become afraid of injustice, then her message “to educate the girls” become words only. She falls down. The man rushed out of the bus and disappeared.

“In 2014 she was shot in the head for daring to suggest that “the girls should go to school”. Her loving father take her on her hands, everyone thought she is dead BUT there was a turning point in the life of Malala, maybe it was not her time to be killed for the sake of false perceptions. Her father feels her breathing when he was taking her on his hands to accept her death….yeah she was breathing. She just kicked on the face of wrong believes that “GIRLS WILL NEVER EDUCATE”. She came back with a new dream, the big dream, now she not only the Malala, now she was the voice of millions of people.

Everyone thought she will die. The doctor told her father that she will survive, but she will not be the same she was. She was shot on the left side on her head. They thought that the bullets will silent her. Now she is the same Malala. She is 17 years old girl belonging to the swat valley.

Now Malala used to say in her speeches that: “my father always say, have you forgiven them”? And I always answered “NO”! She said: “when I think of home, I miss the dirty streets, I miss the river, and I miss my friends. I just want to see that house just once”.

I think we should learn from the experience she had.

NOW, she is those 66 million girl’s who are deprived of education. She is not a lone voice. She is many. Our voices are the most powerful weapon. One child, one teacher, one book and a one pen they can change the world. Her father only gave her the name Malala, he didn’t make her Malala.

“There’s a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or to stand up”

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