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I nominate Rojin for the World Pulse Spirit Awards.

I nominate Rojin for the World Pulse Spirit Awards.

I saw her potential as a person who has dream for her life to be a person of purpose. I appreciate of how she welcome opportunities and challenges.

When she became a member of World Pulse, she started to regain her confidence in sharing stories through her own voice and language. 

She is trustworthy of the responsibility given to her as World Pulse PH Moderator, who manages funds from our initiatives – call for story contest and Christmas grocery for families in Leyte.

Before, Rojin was a shy type girl.  When she became a Moderator, everything changed. She became friendly and approachable. Her writing skills gradually improve and become more passionate to it. She enjoyed writing, learned to research before writing an article. When we have World Pulse PH webinar, she make sure that she is well presentable and ready. 

You can’t be a leader if no one follows you! You can be a good follower if you believe on your leader.  That is the impact she made in my life, to be both – a leader and a follower. 

I believe that every person has potential, you just need to open an opportunity for them.

Rojin grabs the opportunity and taught me to be an empowered leader, teaches me to listen and put myself in her shoes.  That, we work as a team and we shared positive attitude passing it along to other women and then radiated it to their life.

Toast a rock in a pond, it creates ripples. Touch a person’s life, it creates transformation.


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