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June 4, 2016 I worked for Salvation Army Hope Shelter for almost one year and while working for them they used me as an unsuspecting mule to cash thousands of dollars in cheques (using my IDs) that were made payable to my name (Rebecca Munroe) that were not my paycheques at their bank (RBC) where they would have me give the cash right back to the officer who always accompanied me to the bank before leaving the bank and then I would never see the cash again. They told me this was normal procedure even though I wasn't authorized in anyway to cash cheques or withdraw funds from their business bank account plus the director and officer who accompanied me had all bank cards, credit cards and authority at the bank so there was no legitimate reason for them to use my name and id to cash cheques at a bank where I didn't even have a bank account or signing authority. Needless to say, shortly after I started to realize that something was wrong and started asking questions and raising concerns, they fired me. Ever since then, they've been harassing and terrorizing me in an effort to silence me and keep me from speaking out and getting help concerning the whole matter. (Please see additional details in the Statement of Claim & Statement of Defence (File# CV-15-526-937) and other postings I posted on my facebook page at SistaBecca Munroe). I also want to write that the crafty and clever ways in which my former employer (Salvation Army) goes about harassing and terrorizing me in order to instill great fear amongst other things is so well disguised it goes unnoticed by everyone else except those who are directly involved in carrying out the acts and me the victim who is being affected by the acts therefore I realize that by speaking out I'm putting myself at great risk of being labeled as someone who has a problem. I'm also certain that because of this crafty and cleverly disguised way of carrying out their acts of relentless mental torment, many others who might be victims out there would never speak out for fear of no one believing them and being labeled as sick which is exactly the result they want (to keep themselves from getting caught) as I'm sure if more people were speaking out about this type of crime, it would make it easier for the general public to believe and they wouldn't be able to do it. Therefore, I'm fully aware of the risk I'm taking but I'm taking it just so I can hopefully bring attention and awareness to what they did to me while I worked for them and to this type of crime which is very different from what we are used to knowing and put an end to it so I can stop being victimized for trying to speak the truth about everything and so no one else ever has to be a victim. Thanks for taking the time to read. I give all the praise and glory to Almighty God in Christ Jesus name to whom I owe all my gratitude and thanks for preserving me this far. Amen. Encouraging comments and support at: Facebook- SistaBecca Munroe or or or (647) 717-3321. Thank you very much and God bless. Also, please help me to contact the Toronto Police Chief (Mark Saunders) at 1-(416) 808-8000/1-(416) 808-8001 on my behalf as a concerned individual to encourage him to investigate this very serious matter. Thank you.

Northern America
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