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INTERNET-The Incessant Torch of Knowledge and Power

Hasn’t world always been such since creation, ever changing full of evolution and running faster as it could on the borrowed legs of technology and science?
The younger generation cannot imagine how life must have been without television, internet and computers ,then,that really seems a mystery to them? As today we are connected to people sitting in another faraway country within seconds, the flash signal carries the message, whether through Skype, Facebook, Yahoo or any other video conferencing sites.
We can express our thoughts and it can be read as well throughout globe in just few seconds.
Change an update and the world knows about it.
Remember the time, it took more than a month for a single letter to reach from India to United States and few more weeks to receive the reply. What an age it was!
While now we just write and click as the message gets transmitted anywhere in no time.

For a passionate poet who loves to write about anything all throughout the day, it was surely a stepping stone where readers across the world read my poems on my blog.
It wasn’t long ,when I had never known what a blog was and how it worked?
Besides the email services, there wasn’t anything more that I had learnt, then few years back. Today I find myself on a different platform when I write on World pulse and women from almost every distant country reads and shares her thoughts with me. It is touching to see how life of people and specially women is affected with almost the same kind of agony and pain.
Wherever we live, whichever place, the problem a woman faces and the struggle she goes through to overcome her fears and reinstate herself is almost the same. This habitat, World pulse has been surely a common pulse of one & all, a thread which ties every woman out of nowhere to another. A sense of belonging, being heard and the feeling of contributing to the society in every possible way makes a woman proud of this great innovative venture.
This is all due to the internet; its true power has been successful here in vending out solutions to the problematic areas of the suffering humanity. Ranging from providing solutions to co- ordination with different organizations, every initiative here is working through internet and I feel proud to be a part of this noble initiative, even though my contribution is just like a drop in the ocean.
This invisible power of internet like any other technology can create wonders when used with nobility.
While it can open windows of knowledge and literacy to innumerable women who are devoid of learning due to certain social circumstances or financial,this never aging tool of internet can work as a ceaseless burning torch ,which can
continuously burn and provide light of knowledge and learning.

"Tis the incessant torch
burns which with the radiant flame.
enlightening lives of the ignorant minds
speaking aloud of different cultures,
Like an immaculate thread
it can connect unseen faces and people
for a woman
acts it like a magic wand
whence she can create her space
tying humanitarian knots
with the social ,economic and financial world."

A woman shall induce her ideas , ideologies and creativity to do wonders when empowered with the digital technology. It is the power that can change the world and free the captives of inhumaneness to realize the true worth of life .

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South and Central Asia
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