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Introducing myself and my journal

I want the world to be a place with more love, abundance and compassion -- for all peoples, all animals and for the earth itself. All my pursuits in life are driven by awe and gratitude for all things on our planet.

By profession I am an activist. I am currently the Founding Director of, a new grassroots advocacy group that holds decision makers accountable and defends human rights through mass public participation in India. In our first 12 months we've worked with other activists and civil society to engaged over 50,000 to campaign the new government to commit to cleaning the Ganga River, the Karnataka police to investigate a case of police brutality and corruption, the Bangalore police to take action on a case of women's harassment and the previous government to take action to repeal section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that deems homosexuality a crime.

In addition to issues of human rights I also deeply care about climate change (which I also believe is fundamentally a human rights issue). I co-founded the Indian Youth Climate Network to engage hundreds of thousands youth across India in advocacy and public education. I designed the first ever youth climate leadership training in India in 2008, co-organised a roadtrip across the country to inspire hundreds of thousands of youth to take action, and lead the first ever project to support 150 youth from the Global South to participate in COP process in 2009. I also worked with Greenpeace India to develop their ground breaking mobile advocacy platform which has grown to over 1,500,000 members, and set up the India office for in 2011, which is now the number one user generated petition site in India.

In life I see myself as a wandering spirit who takes opportunities that are offered with a prayer that it may contribute to the upliftment of all. I am a young woman with big dreams.

I love swimming in the ocean, hiking through the forest, getting lost in new places, dancing in the rain (which I did yesterday!) and breathing deeply. I make mistakes every day, but I'm doing the best I can.

My Passions:
Activism, Dancing, Nature, Singing, Painting, Yoga

My Challenges:
Self criticism

My Vision for the Future:
Stronger more vibrant communities that lift each other up and build solutions to our greatest problems

My Areas of Expertise:
Climate Change, Digital Campaigning, Grassroots campaigning

My Languages:
English, Hindi

Other Sites I Like:
All India Bakchod

South and Central Asia
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