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Introducing myself and my journal

About Me:
Hola. Salut. مرحبا. Olá! (Just a few of my favorite languages)

Hi There!

I'm Coline and am a Community Volunteer. Being born in the Caribbean, and having parents from different ethnic backgrounds I have learned to open my mind to the world, and have spent life observing and learning about the different privileges and cultures of various countries around the world.

I love to travel. It opens your eyes up to so much, and experiencing something new and different than what you are used to can be a very enriching experience! To name a few, I've been to England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Montenegro, and even Morocco! I have been fortunate enough to spend an extended period of time abroad in France, and have been hooked on traveling every chance I get ever since.

I absolutely LOVE languages; it's the one thing that gets me through a rough week. Language is a tool that you can use to connect with individuals all over the world. It is the basis of communication and understanding, which is why I feel it is extremely important to be multilingual, and is a top priority of mine. With the exception of the local dialect spoken in my father's country, I am a native English speaker, but am fluent in Spanish and French, have some knowledge of Portuguese, and my new-found love: Arabic. It's quite different than the romance languages that I've studied, but that's what drew me in. Learning so many languages has enabled me to build strong relationships and make friends with people from all over the world, learn about the different cultures of countries, and stay up to date with current events by reading issues in local newspapers.

In addition to [my obvious obsession with] foreign languages, I have studied Economics for the environment, which includes the concerns of Food Policy, Environmental and Economic Policy, as well as development issues. This made me more aware of the different scarcity, environmental, and health issues that different countries face, and some on a day-to-day basis. My cultural background and studies have both sparked my interest in wanting to be a part of a grassroots organization, and World Pulse is a perfect match for me. After having traveled to very different areas of the world, it is quite apparent that women have different roles and levels of 'freedom' depending on their culture, upbringing, and location, and lending a hand to uplift others brings me pleasure.

Unity is very important, and if we can cross borders in order to embrace and support each other on a global scale, everyone will benefit; whether it be from helping the lives of the less privileged, or enriching our own lives by making ourselves more aware of the world.

I'm very excited to reach out and help as many people I can here at World Pulse. So with any questions or just to say \"Bonjour\", please message me!

À Bientôt!

My Passions:
Learning languages, travel, cultures, photography, water sports, horseback riding, martial arts

My Vision for the Future:
Love and equality

My Areas of Expertise:
Foreign langues, translation, development, natural resources

Northern America
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