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Introducing myself and my journal: Ambassador of the Tree Nation and Healing Woman

About Me:
Well, what can I tell you about myself. My name is Claudia and I am 45 years old. I am a proud mother of 2 daughters, 1 step daughter, 1 step son and two step grand children. I am living since 10 years in England but I was born in Germany. My mother always teased me by saying I could not possibly be her child because I had very strange ideas about the world which did not fit in with her view at all. When I was 4 years old exactly on my birthday, I was hit by a swing in my head. With 6 years I nearly drowned, my thigh was cut open when I crashed into a bycicle a year later and with 18 my horse just stumbled over his own feet and fell over with me. I fell flat on my face and was out for about 2 hours. I survived all of it but maybe that is why I have another perspective on life. I really thought that you can only be a doctor or a midwife or somebody carrying resposiblity if you where a ethically and morally ok person. I thought you had to be free of greed, fear, jelousy, hate etc. to be in a job which bears a lot responsibility when I got to know a bit more about the world I was shocked how people are with each other and how people treat themselves. I saw that there is alot of things that came out of order and need to be healed. While I was going my way through life I got to know the native american way of thinking which teaches respect and honour to all that lives and to the earth and the elements and everything that lives on earth. That felt like home to me. They even honoured women. The first sweat lodge I went to I was told, that women would not be allowed to go in when they are in their Moon Time. I nerver called my mens, my period Moon Time before. It was allways that I got very ratty the days before and my Mom just said : Ah, its nearly your time again. That made me even more angry, stupid cow, I thougth, what is it to you...I hated that my Mum could read me like an open book she did not really like....At this Sweat Lodge I was also told that the Moon Time is something very special for a woman and thet she is that free of all her chores for the time. She does not need to cook, or wash or look after the children. She is free to take her time and just follow her intuition. Last week I learned that women of the Hopi Nation did dream up the prophecies of the Changing Times (2012) during their Moon Times. Amazing. Also I was told at the Sweat Lodge that Men had to invent the Sweat Lodge to clean and purify themselves while as a woman has this build in so to say monthly in her Moon Time. After the birth of my children I learned to love my Moon Time as it had stopped being painful and exhausting than. I could feel how everything was flowing out of my together with my blood which had piled up during the month in my system. I came back to myself and into feeling and being connected to the Earth. I felt much more in tune with my higherself during my Moon Time and more clear about what I wanted and what I needed. So I loved it. It felt at one time as if the cleaning process would start at the top of my head until it reached my womb and the blood began to flow. That prozess would sometimes last a week. With the flowing of the blood came the relieve. Now it is different. It is more gentle but I can get that exhausted that I have to throw up which brings the relieve. I been also through a phase when I was so aggressive that I would only snap at my husband. Some accupuncture treatment and taking more time for myself did help overcome it. When I red the book Red Moon from Miranda Gray I made myself a moon dail which was quite interessting. So I learned to listen a bit more to my body and its language during the years. This is one of my interests.
The other one is my deep contact to tree spirits wich I will talk more about in my next entry.
Till than have a look on my websides. They are in english and german.

My Passions:
swiming, singing, dancing, travelling,my cat merlin, my dryad friends, my daughters, my husband

My Challenges:
Be brave enough to follow my heart and speak my truth and stand up for myself

My Vision for the Future:
For Myself: A new home for growing vegies, my sweat lodge and my treatment room maybe together with other people in a new form of community For the World: every body waking up and treating the earth ith respect and think about how to live and give somethi

My Areas of Expertise:
Complementary Therapies, Woman Healing Ritual, Working with Tree Beings

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