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Introducing myself and my journal: Freedom

About Me:
It is such a gift to be invited to join World Pulse. My life has been full of chapters living in different locations, and visiting many parts of the world, always with the intention to meet and link arms with people who share a desire to increase love, peace and freedom for all, and to undo injustice wherever it is found. My focus has been particularly on what is being done to us as women, and to find every way and opportunity I can to undo the ties that have bound us, as I continue to find my own strength fully, and to encourage other women to find theirs.
I have followed World Pulse for a few years now, and been heartened every time I have had the opportunity to read a story written by a woman who has found her strength. The courage and determination of the women writing through this Community gives me such hope.
The lack of respect for women and the silencing of our voices became clear to me as I grew into my adulthood. In the 1960's I was inspired by the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, and a few of us opened the first Womens' Centres here in Montreal. Working against violence against women became my focus. I have celebrated sitting with thousands of women as they discovered how beautiful and talented they are. These days I teach English to people who have immigrated to Canada, a job that I love dearly. I have been looking for a way to more specifically offer any help I can to further the freedom of women worldwide. The invitation came last week. I am honoured to have been invited to be part of this community.

My Passions:
Women finding their voices, and other strong women

My Challenges:

My Vision for the Future:
a quantum leap in which the beautiful energy that has been suppressed will take its rightful place

My Areas of Expertise:
writing, speaking, support for same, editing

Northern America
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