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Introducing myself and my journal: Leading from the Heart

About Me:
I'm a privileged woman living in Scotland UK with my partner, John and two little boys Sam (5) and Luke (18months). I run an organisation called Dancehammer that fosters Evolutionary Leadership in organisations and I have been facilitating and coaching women leaders over the past 8 years through an initiative called Women at the Heart of Leadership. This deeply inspiring and rewarding work has evolved through me in tandem with my own path of development with Earth Wisdom teachers in New Mexico and many other threads of personal and spiritual training. I am also an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor.

I have been following my passion and purpose to support the balance of the feminine and masculine in the world. That has been and still is a huge personal journey of learning how to express my greatest potential and stand for what I most value. For me this is a journey of leading from the heart, moving beyond the limitations of cultural conditioning as a woman and having the courage to take a stand for what is wanting to be expressed through me.

RIght now I'm standing at the edge of the next phase of this self expression and being called to a much bigger vision to support women globally to step into their heart-centred leadership and to find a way to bring this through social enterprise of some kind.

I am deeply inspired to have found this amazing resource for women's voices in the world and a vision so aligned with my own and I look forward to seeing what beauty emerges from our connections here.

Thank you,
With Love Joey

My Passions:
Seeing women flourishing and fulfilled by stepping into their authentic power and bringing their greatest contribution to life.

My Challenges:
Surrendering fully to the call on my life to bring my greatest contribution and finding the support and partnership to take my vision forward. Taking enough care of myself as a working Mum without the support of extended family around.

My Vision for the Future:
To grow Women at the Heart of Leadership as a co-creative global community of women supporting women to stand as courageous, heart-centred feminine leaders and create a world in which our children can thrive.

My Areas of Expertise:
Transformational Leadership Facilitation and Coaching

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