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Introducing myself and my journal: Politics and art

About Me:
My name is Viomak .I am a Zimbabwean academic, philanthropist, activist, freedom of expression campaigner and protest singer Viomak’s brainchild.Since 2001 she has been protesting against bad governance in Zimbabwe using music as a form of campaigning tool.Viomak continues to be a socio-political activist and human rights defender whose music is banned in Zimbabwe.In April 2008 she and her manager set up VOTO(Voices Of The Oppressed) Radio Station to promote and offer airplay to banned Zimbabwe protest artists.In January 2007 Viomak set up Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) an institute that educates Zimbabweans on their right to freedom of expression. The organisation advocates for free expression and campaigns for free expression to be respected so as to achieve democracy.In August 2009, Viomak set up Zimbabwe Protest Movement (ZIPROMO), an organisation that promotes Zimbabwe protest artists and helps to publicise their banned work .Her musical career started in 2005,after being inspired by God to use her voice to despise human rights abuses and bad governance in Zimbabwe.She has so far produced FIVE protest music albums all of which have been dedicated to the president of Zimbabwe,Robert Mugabe and ZANUPF who she blames for Zimbabwe's downfall.She has produced a protest music album to mark Mugabe's birthday on 21 February since 2006.In 2008 she also produced a separate music album called ZIMBABWE CIRCUS to sing against GNU,the political marriage between the ruling party ZANUPF and main opposing party MDC.In 2010 she also produced her first single song called ‘Chinja Maitiro’ to help run a Declare Assets campaign that she spearheaded since 2009 calling for Zimbabwe leaders to declare their personal assets so as to combat corruption. As a social activist,in 2010 Viomak released two songs on an upcoming music album called CHILD ABUSE protesting against child sexual abusers.

Viomak holds a B.A General Degree (University of Zimbabwe), Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Educational Foundations (University of Zimbabwe), Masters of Arts in Education (Canada).In 2010 she deferred her PhD studies in Education at Birmingham University,UK so as to pursue politics and soon worked on forming Zimbabwe Development Leaders as she works on becoming Zimbabwe’s woman president.

More about her work is on her websites.

My Passions:
Politics,charity work ,activism,protest music

My Challenges:
Finance and support

My Vision for the Future:
To be Zimbabwe 's woman president

My Areas of Expertise:

      • Africa
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