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Introducing myself and my journal: protective mama

About Me:

Hi my beautiful friends

I am a 34 year old daughter of Africa, who has done all the the world expects from a young bride, I respected, never talked back, managed the house hold as perfectly as possible as my spouse was always saying \"I DID NOT MARRY YOU TO HELP ME PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE, I AM THE MAN OF THE HOUSE\" so I was not allowed to work. I was blessed with five boys whom I love so dearly, but I regret having them with the kind of man that their father is, I regret the fact that I stayed in this abusive situation for so long that I ended up loosing my self in the process. I am very angry with myself, I feel as if I did not protect my children's future. He decided to live me in 2009 and I was so devastated when he told me that, I remember my children did not even have school shoes and he answered me by saying \"I ONCE NEVER HAD SHOES AND WALKED BAREFOOT, THERE IS NOTHING NEW WITH THAT HERE AM I STRONG AND ALIVE\" . I became stressed and could not function properly.what made things worse was the fact that we were not married and he said he does not have money to maintain the children, he gave me a piece of land and said I should register it in my name for the children and I did,I undergone councelling that made me to start my business. I used that land to get funding and after everthing he came back an d asked me to marry him, when I refused he promised to burn the business and to distruct everything, I then thought let me marry him for peace sake. we got married 27th July 2011 and August 2011 he took his bags and left saying he just wanted 50% of the business, the business is closed he stole my business equipment, he does not maintain the children,as he says he is unemployed, he says the boys are not his and talks to them badly on the phone. Now this is what I have promissed my children, is that with God nothing is impossible I am going to rise above all this. for now I do not have money to even feed my children, even to do those divorce proceedings. i know that I am going to become successful and secure their future again.

That is me with lots of love

Thank you my friends

My Passions:
food and beverage industry and meat processing and farming

My Challenges:
insufficient funds and not yet divorced

My Vision for the Future:
to own a chain of restaurants and butcheries

My Areas of Expertise:
food preparation

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