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Introducing myself and my journal: Queen Kong

About Me:
HI! I am a Veterinarian/Attorney managing an NGO in Rwanda called RwandaNOW-Nurturing Our World. Our mission is to create environment and conservation awareness so that our tiny country can re-build our denuded land. We recognize that each and every Rwandese makes decisions every day that affect our environment and our purpose is to help people recognize their impact and make informed decisions so that our environment will flourish. Our first phase involves empowering women to obtain economic independence by creating a dairy goat cooperative. RwandaNOW will skills build with all cooperative members so that milk production is maximized while, at the same time, recognizing our animal welfare mandate to have happy and healthy dairy goats. RwandaNOW will purchase all milk produced that meets quality standards and we will process the milk into yogurt and cheese. The whey by-product will be sold at cost to the community to increase child nutrition. This system of co-dependence provides economic security for women (and children) and raw material for us to turn in to marketable products that are much needed in the region. This will make RwandaNOW self-sustaining and provide us the opportunity to create our new institution - the Rwanda Wildlife Sanctuary & Science Education Center. Our website is just being created:

My Passions:
environment and conservation, wildlife and goats, farming

My Challenges:
raising the start-up capital to buy equipment and get to producing

My Vision for the Future:
Rwanda with a new institution - The Rwanda Wildlife Sanctuary & Science Education Center where all Rwandese can coome and learn about our environment in a fun and hands on way.

My Areas of Expertise:
Veterinary Medicine/Law/Administration

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