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Introducing myself and my journal: The Golden Touch

About Me:
As an intelligent maturing youth, my focus or aim in life is to help the less privileged or better still to instil confidence and discover the talents in others.I possess qualities such as determination, dedication and motivation.These qualities have been beneficial in many jobs and educational associations I have been involved with.

As an undergraduate student,I'm currently taking the course Education Studies and Art; which I intend to further get engaged with in the near by future.Some modules in my course, involve international politics and public relations which will help me with my career plan of becoming a female public relations officer in the United Nations or any other organisation which will enable people respect the importance of women in today's society.Unfortunately many people underestimate the capabilities of women.
Journalism is also an area of interest and I will like to add that to my course.

I'm an empowered youth and a feminist as well, who believes in the future of women and personally I believe women can do better than men when given the chance.Sexism shouldn't stand in the way of individual's talents and capabilities in my perspective.In 2009 I took part in a Modern United Nations(M.U.N) group that dealt with issues among-st female minded women who felt women were't given opportunities they deserve;thus the boundaries that hinders the progress of women to high leadership roles.

Since World War Two(WWII), women had started to take on a variety of roles outside the home therefore I believe this should be continued as I'm very peculiar with the progress of women in today's modern world.
Moreover I'm very effective in my communication;both orally and written.I'm very organised and very conversant with many Word program-mes as I studied IT for many years.I love working in a team as I believe team work yields a lot of progress ; ideas are drawn from different traits of people, with different backgrounds,cultures , experiences and ideas.

Interacting with people and reading current affairs is a hobby as I love to learn new things everyday.After all "All that one knows ; is not all that there is to know".
Finally I'm very friendly,outgoing and very tolerant with people.I love to see people happy and discover the talent's in others because I believe everyone has got a hidden talent within them.

My Passions:
Helping people.caring for others,painting a vicious art piece that portrays meaningful issues in today's society.

My Challenges:
My challenges aren't much.if any challenges come my way, I try my best to turn them into something that will give me courage to surpass them. I always say challenges aren't there to bring you down it's to make you strong.

My Vision for the Future:
To be beneficial to the less privileged (charity),to create my own charity organisation that supports the unfortunate children ; especially girls for I believe they will once be leaders of the world.Moreover be a public relations officer and a journalist.

My Areas of Expertise:
Media Communication,painting , analyzing critical issues in the field of international relations.Speaking in the public and networking.Typing.

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