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Introducing myself and my journal: The Journey Of Women to Water

About Me:
“Whilst access to clean water is a basic human right it is also a privilege. As a woman of Africa, I have never experienced the burden of thirst or been denied the right of use to clean water. Nor has anyone in my family or our children been ill or unthinkably died from waterborne disease. Since becoming aware of the dilemma of the rural women and children for whom the search for clean water is a daily, burdensome and often perilous task, I have sought a way to bring this precious resource closer to their homes. But for too long I have tried to champion the cause of water rights for rural women and children from the edge of my desk or in the offices of those I thought may be interested to take up their cause. Whilst we await decisions to assist their plight, women & children remain without a voice. Therefore, I have decided to take my office on-the-road to chronicle the story of The Journey of Women to Water. It is my hope that in telling their story we will find a way together to end water slavery in our country and thereby stop the unremitting cycle of poverty and hunger.”

My Passions:
To empower rural women and children through the provision of clean water, to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable agriculture, to prevent death and disability from water borne diseases.

My Challenges:
To give Rural Women & Children a Voice that campaigns for their water rights by utilising the powerful voices of women around the world.

My Vision for the Future:
To free 10 Million Women & Children in my country from water slavery and end the unremitting cycle of poverty and hunger due to lack of access to clean water.

My Areas of Expertise:
Philanthropy, Divinity, Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, Go to market strategies, advertising, promotions, events, campaigns.

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