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Introducing myself and my journal: Women Found

About Me:
I have a keen interest in helping a certain category of women. And I don't know how to do it. These women have no one.
They have for whatever reason found themselves separated from family and friends. They do not have a 'community' or 'network' around them that cares. They are unmarried, unwanted, childless and without any stable relationship in their life. They are often uneducated, poor, hungry and substance abusers to one degree or another. But because of poverty, they cannot even abuse a substance with much regularity. I want them fed first of all. Second of all, I want them to know that they have options. That if they want to, there are people who will help them take a step up. They need job training and clothes. Not just professional dress either. They have very few personal belongings. They do not have life skills. They do not have transportation or bus fare. There is a woman, who lives on my street who literally sleeps outdoors on the front porch of an abandoned house. Another woman here has the blessing of living in a rent free house, but she is so poor, that she has no electricity or food. And these women are under the age of 50. If they are getting any public or charitable assistance, it's not enough to make a difference in their life. They need to know that there is another way that they can live. And it may just turn out to be something that they like better than the way they are living now. They need someone to care, who will not judge them. I need some answers, some information, some connections, something. I know that there are plenty of needy, hungry people in this world. There are programs in the U.S. for women with children, but I have found very, very little for women who are single. But I feel passionately about helping these women, because they are my neighbors. I can see that they are not getting help that they need and I see how poorly they live.

My Passions:
Helping women

My Challenges:
Networking and financing

My Vision for the Future:
An outreach to assist these women

My Areas of Expertise:
I can write. I have some college education. I am computer literate.

Northern America
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