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Introducing myself and my journal: Women's Press of SLO

About Me:
I was born in Santiago, Chile
Lived in Rome, Italy as a child
Joined the Chilean Red Cross 1966
Went to Escuela de Teatro, Universidad de Chile 1970-1973
Was famous with a musical duo \" Pachi y Pablo\" in South America, earned a gold record 1970-1974
Left Chile after the military take over
Assisted School of Performing Arts at Rutger's University in New Jersey USA 1976
Married in 1976
Becomed the proud mom of a daughter in 1978
Moved to California, Attended Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, School of Music, Allan Hancock College in
Santa Maria, California
Had a son in 1981 and another daughter in 1985
Becomed the president of the Medical Wives of Santa Maria, California 1988
Divorced in 1990
Exchange Student Host Family hosting 12 students from around the world 1991-1997
Foster Mom with Child Protective Services in San Luis Obispo helping 47 abused children 1992-1996
Adopted a 4 year old Russian orphan girl with congenital deformities in 1994
Adopted a 6 year old and 9 year old Ukranian orphans boys with congenital deformities in 1998
Founded Mellowswan Foundation a global, charitable, medical, non profit foundation to help deformed orphans worldwide in 2004
Becomed a grandmother of a beautiful little boy 2004
Joined the Women's Community Center of San Luis Obispo County in 2007
Again a grandmother of another beautiful little boy in 2008
Becomed the Editor of the Women's Press of San Luis Obispo County, California in 2010

My Passions:
Helping women and children live safe and happy lives

My Challenges:
Funds, as always, we need money to do our missions

My Vision for the Future:
A ranch in California, to host the sick orphans before and after their corrective surgeries

My Areas of Expertise:
Organization, languages, diplomacy, videos,

Northern America
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