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Is life really fair?

Sometimes we all feel that life isn't fair to us. We tend to struggle so much to accomplish something in our lives, as others pass us by, having great accomplishments in their lives, its like, they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, no need to struggle in life.

I was born in quite a stable family, studied in boarding schools all my life and never really had time to spend with them. I always felt as though my parents didn't like me, i grew up feeling i was unwanted, and mark you, i was the third born in a family of seven. I felt rejected while growing up, wondering why i have to wash cloths and do hard labor at the age of 8, life was unfair, or so i thought. Why can't i be like other children, who spend all the time with their families, go to school just nearby home, no need to worry about a thing, no one to bully them and boss them was unfair to me.

When i look back at those times, even now, as a married woman with my own children, tears come to my eyes. I feel the need to protect my children from such fears and worries at a young age, i feel as though i need to protect them from the world. I vowed that i would never take my children to boarding schools, that i would keep them close for as long as i can. It is that nurturing instinct in me, that says, no, i will not let them go through what i went through! I don't blame my parents, i have learned to forgive them and to love them and to appreciate all the effort they made in making me an independent woman, with an independent mind! I have learned to appreciate the fact that, their letting me go, has taught me to depend on God and to see great possibilities in life! I have come to conclude that, life isn't really fair. Everyone has an opportunity to be somebody. It may take a while for some, while for others its easier, but the opportunity always comes to all, it does not select on the basis of color, gender, race, language, ones ability, no! It comes to all, and what one does with it is what makes the difference!

It may take me a while, but I'LL GET THERE! We all will!

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