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It's never too late

It's has not sunk in my heart how my sister and a neighbor is handling the whole incident.she was pregnant which had resulted to total bed rest ,by God's grace the day to deliver her baby came ,leaving her husband to take care of their children while she was away, she had a standard seven daughter who was in class eight,another girl who was ten years and a son who was six years old,

When she was in hospital ,her husband called her to tell her that he could not Trace her oldest daughter,,she advised the husband to be keen and look for her in the neighborhood,

In the morning, Everyone in the village had learnt of the girls disappearance,so they joined hands to look for the girl,on the process of the search one of the villagers noted of a wet soil which had been dug and it sent suspicion,on digging deeper they found the girl had been killed and buried into a shallow grave,the villagers turned onto the father for explanation only for them to learn he raped the daughter and later killed her,the villagers killed Him on the spot,

My sister was still in hospital, when she got the information she felt like the whole world had crumbled,she didn't know how to deal with two deaths.

It was after some time the family and villagers decided to help this woman, otherwise it has not been easy .I have been there for moral support

Psychology healing is the most important

It will be well for Our Sister Janet wairimu

But the question is why did the father turned against his daughter raping her,and later killing her?

These are the questions ringing in our minds

Let's rise and fight for our mothers and girl child GBV must stop



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