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Some of us are here to be love, peace and chicken grease and others of us are here to turn it up a fucking notch, break the rules, be the instigators of growth, the highlighters of truth, the activators of expansion. 

Do you find yourself toning down what you really want to say on social media?

Do you avoid conversations because you know you will be direct?

When did the world become so full of snowflakes? When did we start pandering to the masses and tip toeing around growth because we needed to consider how everyone else might feel first?

I am of masculine energy, I am yang metal - the king energy. I say it how it is. 

Does it mean I don’t have feelings? NOPE

Does it mean I dont tap into feminine flow and creativity to grow my business? NOPE

Does it mean that I can see the root of the challenge real quick? YES

Does it mean I can create structure and systems that have my clients feeling safe and held enough to grow rapidly? YES

Does it mean everyone likes me all the time? NO


I was not put on the earth to be liked.

It is my job (and my job alone) to like me.

I don’t need approval - I need to change the world.

I am OBSESSED with empowering women and I won’t ever get there by being demure, hiding behind flowery words or treading lightly.


We are all different and one personality is not better than another - yet the word tells us more masuline women that we are wrong, that we need to soften.  You don’t find society telling the softer women to be something other than are, so why do we not accept women of strength as they are too? Well let me tell you - we strong women make others uncomfortable, we do not fit the patriarchal structure that pervades today. I mean, surely we cannot have all women standing up and growing their own empires, who would care for the families and do the household chores?


Well let me paint it for you clearly. When I went against my nature and softened, I was so fucking miserable I did not want to be on the planet anymore, I was sad most of the time, I was hurt, I was drowning, I hated myself, and I was not making the money I wanted or getting the freedom I sought.


Fast forward to post çome to jesus moment when I thought fuck it I am going to do business my way or not at all, I am living a lit life, my relationships are wonderful, I love and approve of myself, I get to make a bigger impact int the world, and I receive 5 figures a week and are on the way to 6 figure weeks while working only when I feel like it.


Which one do you choose?

Being you might scare the bejesus out of you - but it is the way to happiness, fulfillment, and abundance.


Are you ready to own your worth?

Are you ready to live a lit life?

Are  you ready to join the hundreds of women who have worked with me and turned their businesses into make a difference empires that sets them free?


I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle for the last couple of months and the results have been AMAZING. She gives heaps of really practical, easy to implement ideas and throws in some woo magic to really help your business get going. Michelle is super approachable and goes out of her way to help you out. Choosing to work with her has been the best decision I've made for my business so far. - Anna Witten 


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